Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Salt Lake City?

My husband and I are considering a move to Salt Lake City (versus Laramie, Wyoming) for professional school. I see no comments on Salt Lake. Any thoughts? (We would definitely move on from Laramie to any number of places we like – our opportunities in Laramie provide entry to Seattle and Denver – but if we go to Salt Lake, circumstances mean it would be more beneficial to stay put a number of years.)

Sent by Ellen, from (maybe) Salt Lake City

3 Responses to “Salt Lake City?”

  1. Ralf Angermann Says:

    Dear Ellen,

    Laramie would be a great idea and you have already mentioned the solution. It gives you the oppotunity to move to Seattle. Let me tell you why Seattle offers some great opportunities. There isa couple of things that make Seattle so special for me. First, I love the scenery and beauty of the place. Embedded between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, it gives you easy access to the water. Water rises the quality of life. In addition it is one of the greenest cities you will ever find in the whole world, not just by the means of the city government, but also literally. It is only about 2 hours away from the Canadian border. It is close to the mountains (The Cascades, Mt Rainier). The size of the city is not too big, only about 550000 people live here (but 3.5 million in the whole Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area). The economic conditions in Seattle are on of the best in the country (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Nintendo of America, Starbucks, Boeing, Google, Adobe Systems, T-Mobile USA, Nordstrom) It is one of the fittest cities in the country and the most tolerant in the world that I know of. The University of Washington (UW) is also one of the best universities in the country and the world, respectively. I love the people, love the atmosphere. Imagine you have a house or condo @ Alki Beach in West Seattle, a dream would come true (just a personal statement). If you want prove of that, go there if you haven’t been there already.

    I hope I was able to help you a little. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to post another comment.

  2. Eric Keck Says:


    Salt Lake City is a fantastic community. It has really emerged as an eclectic collection of arts, culture, and believe it or not diversity. It is a beautiful setting as well. Do not be fooled by the Salt Lake City of old: run by the LDS Church, stuffy, without a night life, and culture. The 2002 Olympics changed much of this and it has really emerged as a great metropolitan setting.

    SLC has a great, easy to use airport, public transit system, recreational amenities, restaurants, symphony, universities (in the University of Utah, Utah State, BYU, Utah Valley State, Westminster), and of course skiing.

    Downsides are that a lot of growth has happened and the place is getting packed. There is also a nasty inversion in the winter (nothing that a trip to ski cannot fix), and in many of the southern suburbs some unsettled political tension caused by rapid growth.

    I would highly recommend Salt Lake City. My family and I enjoyed living there for 8 years. We left for work in Idaho but have fond memories.

    Good luck.

  3. Kim Says:

    Last time I was in SLC was in 1999, for Skiing, which was alot less expensive. The powder is fantastic to ski on. I have attended the University of Utah in SLC back in 1980 for two quarters, and even took a ski class at Alta, back when it was less than $10 aday for an all area lift ticket. I enjoyed being able to go to Alta after classes especially on Fridays. I also enjoyed Trolley Square and the Panaroma of mountains, the history, the national parks south of Salt Lake, the many ski resorts (if you love to ski), the dry winters, verses cold humid winters in the east. I was rarely rarely sick in the 4 1/2 years I was residing in Utah. After completing my college degree, I came back out to work at Alta, UT and had a great time. I did use the bus service in SLC, and it was pretty convenient for my needs. I did not have a car with me at Alta, so I used the city public transporation. I hear it has improved since. SLC has changed a lot form what I have heard and seen on the web. I am curious to see it now.

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