Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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A University Town in Central Philippines

Dumaguete, a university town in central Philippines, is an interesting blend of old and new. While it boasts of a robust fiber optics network enabling the flourishing of outsourcing industry bannered by services such as call centers, animation, publishing, etc., it has many preserved old buildings, some of which are more than a century old. These buildings exist beneath the shade of doting century old acacia trees.Silliman University, founded by American missionaries, is the first Protestant university in Asia. For a small sized city of just over a hundred thousand inhabitants, it has three other universities and several colleges. Its culturally inclined young population makes a very interesting and dynamic life. Also known as the cultural center in Central Philippines, it is a retirement haven in Southeast Asia. It has a nice seaside promenade dotted with bars, nightspots and art galleries. Nearby are world class dive spots and other ecotourism sites.

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