Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Archive for October, 2009


Friday, October 30th, 2009

Perth is physically a beautiful city. The outdoor landscape is gorgeous, it’s clean, the beaches are stunning and the river is magnetic. It’s not very hilly but there are some lovely rural areas close to the city. The lifestyle is laid back. There is plenty to do but you have to seek it out. My main criticism is that it lacks the energy and vibe of other cities; in winter, it’s closed. It’s alive in summer. In winter, everyone stays home. It’s called the ‘nanny state’ as the shops close at 6 pm, no drinking in the streets or after midnight, and there are loads of rules. The people tend to be judgemental of anyone enjoying themselves over the age of 30. There are limited outlets for older people who want to have fun. It’s great for bringing up a family or spending your adolescence at the beach. For employment, other than mining and resources, it is a long hard road to your ambition. There are limited avenues for publishing work; getting any freelance business up and running is a major achievement. The creative fields are generally underpaid.

Sent by Robin from Perth, Western Australia

My LOVELY Vilnius (Lithuania)

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Do you know that Vilnius Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe? In 1989, scientists of National Geographic Institute of France gave the description of the European geographic centre and, applying the scientific method of gravitation centres, appointed that this centre is,located in the North from Vilnius (26 km), near Purnuskes village. Weather is good this day in Vilnius. Tomorrow is expected a next good autumn day. We also have a lot of interesting things in Lithuania. When you are in southern Amerika or Europe or Asia, it is very hot in the summer, many of your people are coming to us. Many people come to Vilnius, Lithuania. You are very welcome here. I wish you happiness and success! Best Regards!

Sent by Vladimir from Vilnius, Lithuania

Halifax – Much more than Boston-north or San Francisco West

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

halifaxThe more I travel to the great cities of the world the more I realize there is nothing quite like Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our homegrown arts, film, music scene springs up like unkempt wildflowers. We’re a city of hippies, government, bankers. A city of history and modernity. A city of beautiful architecture and bland sprawl. A city of plans and chaos. A city of sailors, students, and scoundrels. We’re not the biggest. We’re not even the best. But there’s nowhere I’ve seen that is quite like this place.

Sent by Paul from Halifax