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My LOVELY Vilnius (Lithuania)

Do you know that Vilnius Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe? In 1989, scientists of National Geographic Institute of France gave the description of the European geographic centre and, applying the scientific method of gravitation centres, appointed that this centre is,located in the North from Vilnius (26 km), near Purnuskes village. Weather is good this day in Vilnius. Tomorrow is expected a next good autumn day. We also have a lot of interesting things in Lithuania. When you are in southern Amerika or Europe or Asia, it is very hot in the summer, many of your people are coming to us. Many people come to Vilnius, Lithuania. You are very welcome here. I wish you happiness and success! Best Regards!

Sent by Vladimir from Vilnius, Lithuania

2 Responses to “My LOVELY Vilnius (Lithuania)”

  1. chicagosue Says:

    Hi. I did some professional work in Lithuania over the course of a four year period. I loved the people, the places, the culture and the work that I did in Vilnius,Klaipeda, Palinga, and elsewhere in Lithuania. I feel fortunate to have experienced the Lithuanian culture and I refer to my experiences there often, as a matter of general life and my professional work in the health field.

    I certainly hope to visit there again soon, and know Chicagoans who have relocated to Lithuania in their retirement.

    If you get the chance, think about visiting this charming country.

  2. Ana Says:


    I come from Klaipeda and I’ve lived in the UK for the past four years.

    I agree Lithuania could be attractive an attractive place to westerners for it’s culture and the friendly people, but from my experience, being a local, generally, options are very limited when it comes to studies, jobs, leisure, etc. I always felt like real life was somewhere else, moving to the UK opened a new world to me making everything more affordable and, therefore, accessable. My career progressed much further in the 4 years I spent here than in 8 years back home.

    I’d imagine Vilnius has a more creative vibe with more universities and possibly better career prospects.

    But generally for young creative people it can be very difficult if not impossible to achieve the same things that are so normal in other countries.

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