Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA

I grew up in a small suburban town called Shrewsbury in the state of New Jersey. Being as it is such a small town, it has a very tight-knit community where everyone is friendly and knows each other. There are small “mom and pop” stores, as well as major chain franchises, however, local residents are extremely supportive of local small businesses and actually prefer the service at such stores over the services offered at the large chain companies. There’s the popular local deli and bagel store that everyone goes to, Bagel Masters. The employees know their customers on a nickname basis and even memorize regular customers’ orders, which provides a friendly, personal experience that every local resident enjoys. This is the most popular breakfast place around, and growing up my friends and I always get breakfast there and talk about anything and everything.

In the town over, called Red Bank, there’s a NJ Transit station, which provides transportation to New York City in an hour, so I have been travelling to and from the city since I was a young girl. Shrewsbury is also just a short, ten-minute drive from the beach, where many residents belong to beach clubs or attend public beaches. I believe that Shrewsbury is an excellent location to live in because it is a beautiful suburban town that is a short trip away from New York City, as well as the beach. I really enjoyed growing up in this small town, however, there are some negative things about Shrewsbury, as well.

Because it is such a tight-knit, small community, everyone knows each other, as well as their personal business. Shrewsbury is a very wealthy town, so the majority of the female residents are pretentious, stay-at-home mothers who gossip about each other. This is the main thing that I did not enjoy dealing with when I was growing up in this town. The public middle school located in Shrewsbury is known to be excellent, however there is not much diversity in the student body. The public high school that students in Shrewsbury attend is called Red Bank Regional High School, which is where I attended. It has an amazing Visual and Performing Arts program and has a diverse student body deriving from residents of Shrewsbury and the neighboring towns Red Bank and Little Silver. During high school, I was a Commercial Art major, an excellent art program that helped me grow as an artist and eventually realize that art and design is the field I want to pursue for my career. Despite the few negative aspects of living in Shrewsbury, it really is a great area and I am extremely thankful that I was raised in this town.

Sent by Sophia from Shrewsbury, NJ

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