Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Seoul is my hometown. I was born and raised in Seoul. I have lived there more than 20 years and haven’t lived in other cities in Korea. There is everything in Seoul. You can buy everything in the middle of the night and it is safe to go out in the night. There are tons of restaurants, theaters and big malls everywhere in the city. Seoul is the most crowd city among OECD countries. So there is heavy traffic all over the city. You can hear noise honking sound all day. It is not a good place to enjoy drive your car, such as in California. There are numerous high rise buildings. Just like New York City, Seoul has plenty of skyscrapers, especially in office district. Those are densely located.

What I don’t like about my hometown, Seoul, is the building covered with ugly signs. They don’t match with a building or other signs in the building. In Seoul, most of the citizens live in apartment buildings, which are more than 10 stories higher. And they are in complex structures with free parking space provide to residences for free. Seoul is the capital city of Korea. Although it is not the biggest city in Korea, its scale is the biggest in Korea. Every public offices and government buildings are located in or near Seoul. Koreans are kind and nice people. Seoulian, people who live in Seoul, just like New Yorker, are nice people but people in suburb are friendlier than people live in the city. I guess this is because they are busy of their own activity and surroundings.

Seoul has great transportation system. It doesn’t run 24 hours, but you can take taxis after midnight. You can go wherever you want with public transportation system. It is cheap, convenient, and safe. You can transfer bus to subway or to different line without any charge. Moreover, if you get on bus or subway in 30 minutes, you can ride it without any charge. So you don’t need car to live in Seoul.

Seoul is also eco-friendly city. Like Central Park in New York, there are huge park in Yeoui-island. There are big river called Han River cut across the city. People should do recycling and it is a law. And you should use legalized dumpster for trash. Every bus is run by natural gas engine. There is a stream called Cheongye and redeveloped five years ago. It had been covered by cements over forty years and uncovered by last mayor of Seoul, who is now the president of Korea.

The roads in Seoul are not organized so it is hard to find only with address, especially for foreigners. It is not organized in straight or square shaped. There are small branch roads and crooked roads, too. So you need to know the transportations to get there.

Now, there are 250 thousands foreigners in Seoul. It is very diverse city with many races. Comparing to New York City, two cities have many similar things. They both got what big cities should have and shares many things, such as heavy traffic, tall buildings, and great transportation system. And now, both cities are working on sustainability and green movement. I have many things to say when I talk about Seoul because it is my home. Still, there are few things that I don’t like about it by comparing to other cities, like New York, such as ugly signs and lack of consideration to foreigners. Those things are my new findings after I live in New York.

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