Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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New York City, the beautiful, polluted, restless city. Where the lights shine, the cars honk, and hearing the sound of people’s footsteps pacing, rushing to their nearest or furthest destination, sounds like home. Where I was raised into one of the nosiest neighborhoods ever. Everyone knew everyone and everything down to how much someone weighs is buzzing around the streets. OH! You’ve heard of it? Yeah Greenpoint is the place I’m talking about.

I was born into one of those crazy families, you know the type who hallucinate and think celebrities are their friends. Where race is definitely NOT an issue. Growing up in a family of Polish, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Nicaraguans. Where rice, beans, eggs and coffee for breakfast fill the air. Just sitting in my room I can hear my friends waiting for me to come outside and just chill on one of those “New York weather” kind of days. Those are the days where no matter how bad the weather is outside, there will be no stopping anyone from going out.

Growing up in Greenpoint life is bound to have drama, it has to be the most scandalous neighborhood to live or even hangout in. I remember even being woken up the sounds of shots in the darkness. A dilemma over “baby mama” drama. Woke up the next morning come to realize it was my neighbor “Critter”, that’s what they called him. He was always up to no good it was going to happen eventually. Being in New York for some of my life, I have never experienced a better black out. For those of you who do not know what a black out is, Google it! The smell of hot must fills the air. The air so thick with heat it feels almost impossible to breathe but I know that once I’ve reached home, a cold shower awaits. Black outs meant, late nights in tank tops and shorts with small battery powered fans and sleeping on the floor because that’s where it was coolest. Where everyone in the neighborhood is sitting on their stoops or on their pull out chairs, kids in the sprinklers and th e adults drinking and playing dominoes in the dark.

The train station was very close to my block where I lived, so getting to other places wasn’t that much of a hassle. Everyone who has lived in New York for at least a month knows how overcrowded the stations are but yet we still complain. Always wondering why the person in front of me is walking so slow, everyone is constantly on the go. What aggravates me the most about the trains is when there is NO space but people find nooks and crannies to squeeze their bodies in. Walking to the train station I pass by the McDonalds that has been in the same corner for over 10 years already, thinking how could anyone eat that junk!

New York City. Where I could have the best slice pizza, hot dog, and Juniors famous Cheesecake. The city so busy and so full of opportunities I get a head rush from just thinking of the whirlwind I live in.

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  1. Libby Says:

    So do you feel that even though you grew up in an area where hearing gunshots was the norm, all the other benefits of the city far outweigh that particular?

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