Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Integration with a Global City

map_cta_trainMy beat is Chicago and the city just across the city line to the north, Evanston. I live in Chicago, and in the course of the past 15 years have done two separate stints working up in Evanston. I’ve been amazed at the degree of economic and lifestyle integration that is achieved by dint of Evanston’s high degree of mass transit connection to Chicago. A special express train (the Purple Line) runs during the morning and afternoon rush, so that the centers of Evanston are within minutes of the Chicago Loop. Evanston also has all-day fast connectivity via the METRA commuter rail.

I have had occasion in the past to marvel at how Japan uses complementary rail systems to achieve a massive degree of connectivity across the entire Kanto region (Osaka < – > Tokyo). The Chicago-Evanston connection is an example to me of a single link that demonstrates that we can do it here, too!

I wonder what it would take to extend this lesson across the entire regional rail system in the Chicago region!!

Sent by Joe from Chicago and Evanston, IL

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  1. Libby Says:

    Great thought! Richard Florida’s been doing a number of posts on his blog lately regarding high-speed rail as well and how it can help the economy. http://www.creativeclass.com/_v3/creative_class/2010/02/24/how-high-speed-rail-can-help-expand-the-economy/

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