Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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Archive for July, 2010

Pitt County Quality of Life

Monday, July 26th, 2010

The Greenville, North Carolina MSA is the cultural, medical, retail, recreational and educational hub of Eastern NC. With a moderate year-round climate and the 3rd largest university in NC, there are numerous opportunities to engage in a diverse array of activities, whatever your age or interest. Come see what Pitt County and the Greenville NC, MSA are all about!

Sent by Kelly from Greenville, NC


Monday, July 26th, 2010

Beyond the contemporary mystifying writings in mass media on this town aiming to attract visitors, Berlin is at first a real place: a conglomerate of economic struggles, education issues, post-industrial phenomena, country’s political capital, geographic axis of Eastern Europe and the “West”. It is too, a real place of local and international bohemians including well-established and emerging artists, pre and post-university relaxation seekers, European academic exchange program students, fashionistas and at the same time a beloved place for designers, IT-specialists, architects, musicians and researchers.

Specific areas of the town have been transformed in short periods from just residential into residential plus artistic/bohemian and creative professional. The district “Prenzlauer Berg” is the prototype. Being an affordable place for students and emerging artists in the early 90th, in which they moved in considerable quantity from west Germany and later from all over Europe and Americas, in order to live there. Prenzlauer Berg began to change its demographic face and spatial color and more deeply its social structures at late 90th by the subtle migration of new creative professionals and prolonging stay of those former students of city’s universities and art, acting and technical schools. The mix mad it: middle age entrepreneurs in conventional branches, start-up youngsters, real estate old sharks, emerging artists, physicians, handcraft people, lawyers, theatre, TV and cinema actors and finally “just living” bohemians. That’s Prenzlauer Berg today.

As Richard Florida mentioned once, there is no contradiction having family friendly, biologically regenerative atmosphere and a creative, gay and bohemian culturally regenerative surrounding in the same place. This area is showing clearly the benign and fruitful culmination of birth per capita index and bohemian index. The natural proximity of talent and productive forces within a tolerant and open “Kiez” (German word for a specific area) makes it worth to be here.

Sent by Harun from Berlin

Star City in China

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I live in a fantastic city, named Changsha, but we would like to call her STAR CITY.Actually, this city is famous for her TV programs and movies in China,such as Happy Girl/Happy Boy in every summer holiday, a competition for hunting singers.

People here live in a happy and relax life everyday.We could go to bars to have a cup of beer at night till 4 am,or climb the mountain named Yuelu to breath the energy air,sometimes we choose to go through the river named Xiangjiang on boat,to see the view with our friends, and play on the island of the river, named Orange Island. It looks like STAR CITY is the only city in China, who has her own island among the city.

The creative industry in STAR CITY is also well known to tourists.If you are interested in some ancient buildings and streets, you could walk on Peace Street in a raining day.Because you can feel the romantic atmosphere there and recall your memory.If you are a fashion designer, you may find there are a lot of beautiful hand-make things there,such as pillows, skirts, and something else.If you were born to a gourmet, you should go to Fire Palace, it’s a traditional restaurant for u. And if you are a photographer,maybe you could try to take photo from the air by plane, and you can buy your own cute plane in STAR CITY, we are good at making small planes.

The weather in STAR CITY is significant, the four seasons in a year you can see and feel.We h ave snow at winter, and raining at summer, or leaves at fall, or flowers at spring.The girls in STAR CITY are beautiful for their good skin coming from the weather.And the man in STAR CITY are famous for their courage, the father of China studied here.The young people in STAR CITY are the leader of Chinese creative industry.They are good at cartoon design, music compose, TV and movie produce,they travel around the world to find partner to develop a modern culture in STAR CITY.

If you have a plan to come to China, remember make STAR CITY on your schedule.

Sent by Linna Fu from Changsha