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Highway vs. High Speed Rail

Significant media attention has been given to the expected $2.5 billion cost of the Tampa-Orlando portion of the proposed Florida High Speed Rail system. When it comes to the cost to the user of the system however, the public discussion has been limited. User cost comparisons between highway and high speed rail (HSR) have been nonexistent or anecdotal at best. The following analysis seeks to encourage further discussion about the user cost-benefit of bot h highway and high speed rail commuting, between Orlando and Tampa in this particular case. Cost-benefit was analyzed based on two primary factors: cost (in dollars) and time (in minutes).

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Sent by Bob from Orlando

One Response to “Highway vs. High Speed Rail”

  1. Andrew Ferensowicz Says:

    With regards to Highway or High speed rail, there also is a lack of mention that HIgh Speed Rail will spawn many high tech industries related to the development and maintenance of the system. The present political environment is obsessed with rhetoric about too much govt in our lives and too much spending. However having a competitve infrastruture not only makes our society much more competitve and productive but also makes it more technologically adepth. High speed rail will demand high tech urban planners, transportation technology, aero dynamics, electronics, mainteance contracts, technicians, and along the way foster a huge tourist industry with more economic vitality as well. However the current critics will tell you we cant afford it and its a waste of time. Yet a project like this can create thousands of construction jobs and added value jobs as well. THE USA always seems to be marching into the future with its eyes set on the past. It doesnt work, and sooner or later if we are to continue to be the great compettive country that we are then we need to remove politics and constantly clinging to idiotic mind numbing ideological aguments that do nothing but prey on the misinformed and manipulated masses. Technology is not interested in politics, ideology and trust me it gives people a professional identity and grows the middle class which goes alot farther than political and economic ideology.

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