Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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2012 European capital of culture

Guimarães is a unique and special city! Distinguishes itself by its heritage, by inspiring landscape, by entrepreneurship, by the feeling of belonging and the dynamism of its population. The creation of the city of Guimarães dates back to the 10th century, having been here that in 1128, originated from the foundation of Portuguese nationality and the recognition of D. Afonso Henriqu es as first King of Portugal. Enhancement of function and the investment in cultural heritage resulted in the creation of an infrastructure network of high quality and in the regeneration of the historical centre, recognized by UNESCO in 2001 as cultural heritage of humanity.

Guimarães, with a population of 160,000 inhabitants, is one of the youngest cities of Europe (nearly 50% of its inhabitants has less than 30 years), being the second largest municipality in English outside the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto. Alongside the traditional textile industry relevance, were emerging other sectors, with greater technological incorporation of increasing economic significance and confirming the strategic importance of the University of Minho as generator of knowledge and innovation for the city and region. It is also a city in rapidly changing reacting to a competitive global market, in a world that increasingly stimulates diversity and innovation.Guimarães in 2012 will become European capital of culture on par with other European city.

Sent by Manuel from Guimarães, Portugal

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