Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida
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From T.O. to Cowtown

Having lived and worked in Toronto for most of my life. Then moving and working to Calgary 6 months ago, I can give a pretty good review of both cities.

You can’t compare either city because it’s apples and oranges. Toronto is bigger, more densely populated has more night life, vibrancy, culture and social activities because of greater population and longer history. Another difference is humidity, dry vs. moist. Dry air and chinnoks make winters bit tolerable, and you don’t sweat in summers.

Calgary is young, and modern city that is in growing stages and establishing an identity. Hands down Calgary has more corporate growth opportunities (less competition and entrepreneur spirit) and friendlier people. Though winters are longer and colder, and there’s urban sprawl I believe Mayor Nenshi know and has what it takes to make this city more livable.

Calgary has lower taxes, but cost more for services and eating out. It’s much cleaner and has more parks and access to biking compared to Toronto. Pay is higher, but housing cost is almost as expensive as Toronto. Surprisingly Calgary is very diverse and less red neck than I envisoned. Heck walking downtown, it’s like Toronto with diverse group of transplants and immigrants migrating here for opportunities.

If you like city life with more arts, night life then Toronto is the choice. If a smaller city that offers outdoor lifestyle and beautiful parks and mountains then Calgary is the place to be.

Sent by Elton from Toronto

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