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Manaus – The best city in Brazil

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Interesting and exciting to the visitors of the Brazilian portion of the Amazon Forest is the geographic position of the capital of the State of Amazonas. Manaus is exactly in the center of the amazon area. Its total area is 14.337 square kilometers. The city is plan, many Igarapés (flooding areas) are part of the scenery, an average twenty minutes drive leads you into the forest from downtown.

The urban expansion goes into the Município, or department in some countries, of Rio Preto da Eva. The State of Amazonas’s total area is 1.558.987 square kilometers. Manaus is an important tourist destiny to Brazilians and all people around the world. These tourists visit the city, use it as a base to other journeys, studies, business, anyway, anything concerning the convenience of a big city. Including its plants, animals and natural beauty.

Near Manaus you can appreciate the ” Encontro das Águas ” where Rio Negro meets Rio Solimões offering us an unforgettable view.Manaus’ project makes it grow to the interior, so, this movement should preserve many of the borders of Rio Negro. Consequently, we still can apprecite some Iguarapés, small channels that cross or conquer land when the rivers in the Amazon basin go up in rainy season.

Sent by Alexandre from Manaus