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Los Angeles

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

LosAngelesLos Angeles, California is a city where an estimated 20 percent of the year it is cloudy; New York City is a city where an estimated 50 percent of the year it is cloudy. I grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is the place I call home, but I am currently staying in an apartment 3,000 miles away from home. The apartment is in New York City, specifically in Greenwich Village.

Los Angeles is the city I love and found everything I ever wanted growing up. I had the opportunity to explore everything. The snow and great mountain resorts were only a five hour drive away and if I drove twenty minutes towards the coast I could spend my day at the beach. In Los Angeles, most of the time, I could wake up to sunshine invading my room. My dog would wake up and greet me with a big wet kiss on the cheek. I then would walk to the window of my home in Los Angeles and look out into my backyard and see the water in my pool gleaming from the sun that is rising. I would walk down the stairs to hear the sizzling of the eggs that are cooking. On Sundays my family and I would usually wake up to a large bag of Western Bagels and we would indulge in the warm bread with cream cheese, but on the weekdays we resort to eggs or bagel leftovers.

The thing about growing up in a place like Los Angeles is that you never feel alone. You always feel like you have someone around the corner whether they are a walk away or even at the grocery store. People are friendly and greet you with a big smile so you feel welcome. Some people might argue that driving is aggravating, but to me driving is time for myself that I enjoy. It is enough time for me to be alone and not to feel alone. It is time for me to gather my thoughts and regroup. In Los Angeles you almost never have to worry about wearing thick jackets or rearranging plans because of the weather. Ultimately I guess what I love most about Los Angeles are the smiles you most often see on everyones faces. You see everyones happy in some way or another and if they are not than one individual can easily change that with just a quick conversation. Los Angeles is my home and where all my friends and family are.

Sent by Sabrina from Los Angeles