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San Francisco- My kind of town

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

San Francisco- My kind of townI was born in Columbus, OH and lived in a total of 5 States (WA, OH, NY, AZ & CA). I knew as a little kid that Columbus was NOT the place for me personally. It is a nice place to be from and it is a very nice, clean town. It just didn’t have the energy and diversity that I personally needed. It also lacked that real urban feel that I was looking for. In retrospect it is funny that I knew that even when I was young. Anyway, we mov ed to New York and I hit paydirt. I loved everything about the city except the dirtiness (in the late 70’s) but I was willing to deal with that. It had an energy that made me feel alive. I was young and ate the city up. I moved away to the Phoenix area in my mid-twenties (escapism years) and stayed there for 11 years. It was a change from NY. It was new clean, bright and shiny but over time I realized that at my core I was empty. I had good friends but I really missed the energy and culture of an urban city. I left and moved to Southern California. I lived in the LA area and for the most part got the energy, good weather and beautiful geography but it was not NY. I really got tired of the traffic and having to drive great distances to do anything. I sold my possessions and took a job in Seattle. Seattle is probably one of the most esthetically beautiful cities in the U.S, HOWEVER…well let’s just say that this article http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/pacificnw/2005/0213/cover.html can sum up better than I can what I think of Seattle. While I was there I did a lot of soul searching and realized that deep down San Francisco had EVERYTHING that I wanted in a city. I had visited there a few times before and loved the city but I always let family and friends talk me out of moving there because of THEIR fears of the city. I decided I was going to move and did. The only thing I will say is ” I am home and I have exhaled”!

Sent by Cristobal from San Francisco