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From T.O. to Cowtown

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Having lived and worked in Toronto for most of my life. Then moving and working to Calgary 6 months ago, I can give a pretty good review of both cities.

You can’t compare either city because it’s apples and oranges. Toronto is bigger, more densely populated has more night life, vibrancy, culture and social activities because of greater population and longer history. Another difference is humidity, dry vs. moist. Dry air and chinnoks make winters bit tolerable, and you don’t sweat in summers.

Calgary is young, and modern city that is in growing stages and establishing an identity. Hands down Calgary has more corporate growth opportunities (less competition and entrepreneur spirit) and friendlier people. Though winters are longer and colder, and there’s urban sprawl I believe Mayor Nenshi know and has what it takes to make this city more livable.

Calgary has lower taxes, but cost more for services and eating out. It’s much cleaner and has more parks and access to biking compared to Toronto. Pay is higher, but housing cost is almost as expensive as Toronto. Surprisingly Calgary is very diverse and less red neck than I envisoned. Heck walking downtown, it’s like Toronto with diverse group of transplants and immigrants migrating here for opportunities.

If you like city life with more arts, night life then Toronto is the choice. If a smaller city that offers outdoor lifestyle and beautiful parks and mountains then Calgary is the place to be.

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I live in Toronto and I love it. I have to say though, I’ve never seen, or been in a city quite like London, England. That place is just thrumming with electricity and life. I could touch the buildings and feel life pulsing into me. I hope I’ve brought a little bit of that life and love, back with me to Toronto. I love Toronto just as much, for its life and vigour. I especially love how multicultural it is; and how we all seem to get along here (for the most part).

Sent by Melanie from Toronto

Toronto ROCKS!

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I’ll be honest… TORONTO IS THE REASON I LOVE CANADA. Everything that Canada is all about – diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, acceptance, and inclusiveness. When I was a kid in the old Calgary I felt like I was an outsider and would never be welcomed. This was a long time ago but emotional memories can be very strong. Toronto and Torontonians healed my heartbreak of my childhood and early youth being spent dealing with rejection for something I co uld never change. Now everyone has a different experience. I’ve met people who were minorities in my age group and grew up down the street from me during that same time and they have noting but positive memories. Needless to say … Toronto is not perfect but it is an ideal destination for new immigrants given the variety of settlement services in the city.

Richard Florida himself on Toronto

Toronto Maple Leafs

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Toronto Vs. Calgary

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I grew up in Calgary and moved to Toronto at 16 and spent well over a decade and a half in the metropolis. I fell in love with it at first site because I felt welcome.

Being the most multicultural city in the world is a real treat. I love the diversity of people, sectors, and the hustle bustle vibrancy of it all. Most of the last several years I lived in Yorkville in the heart of the city and enjoyed the film festivals, easy public transit, Harbourfront and Toronto Island, and just the variety of life one can live in Toronto.

Toronto is very intellectual in that Eastern way and my career has really benefited from the polished style of business there. What I enjoy most about Toronto is that its like New York but livable and still safe compared to other US cities. Its a hub so travel in and out of Canada is easy and hey, Toronto is on the map internationally.

On a personal note, Toronto taught me that being colour blind was a good thing. I grew up in Calgary and being a minority was a different and far less kind experience back then. Ironically, family and roots have lured me back to Southern Alberta for now but I have left my heart in Toronto . I’ve decided that I do want to check out Vancouver for its West Coast lifestyle before deciding if the GTA will be home again. For now, Calgary has a bit of Toronto ’s cosmo flavor but for everything I was told was weird about me as an ethnic kid in Calgary … it was embraced by Toronto the minut e I got there. I believe I had to leave Toronto to love it even more as my adulthood continues :)

Sent by Aralar from Calgary