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Love Beijing

Monday, April 13th, 2009

beijingI was born and grew up in Beijing – a five-generation “Beijinger”, some may say. Then, 6 years ago I moved to Montreal, now living in Toronto. My experience, I recently realized, brought me a global prospective to tell what Beijing is special about.

Culture – I would say it is “凝重 (ning zhong)” in Chinese, meaning…sensation of life’s heaviness and concentrate, which shows among buildings and on people’s faces. Besides, Beijing is supposed to be culture and political centre of China, so…

Changes – I biked to middle and high school for 6 years and then drove private car to university for another 4 years. Beijing changes right in front of your eyes! New bridges today, old buildings torn down tomorrow. Today majority bike, tomorrow you find everyone drives. Cities in the developed countries are already developed when the Y gen were born, but Beijing gives them a chance to witness how human societies grow from scretch, find and set its tone on its way of development.

I love Beijing, miss Beijing.

Sent by Caroline from Toronto

Luxurious Despair

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

There is an earlier post from someone who just doesn’t know where to go, on a global scale.

I was born in rural china, moved to Oklahoma city for grade school, moved to Hong Kong, moved to suburban Seattle for high school and college, did the post-college new york thing for a half year, hung out in Boston, moved back to Seattle, went to Tianjin when i wanted to go to Beijing, and now I’m in Boston. again.

Where else is there to go? The next place to check off the list? As I’ve never been to Europe, it now serves as an idealized repository for all the failed expectations I’ve experienced up to this point.

Paris, city of inevitable disappointment, i call out thy name. When you really cut the mustard with a sharp knife, there are only so many places.

Portland/Seattle/San Francisco: goldilocks was looking for a city to move to after graduation. First she tried Portland, and though it had a neat bookstore and novel public transport, she thought that it was just too small. Next, she road tripped down to San Francisco, and though she loved its diversity and the castro district, not to mention all the high end shopping options, it was just too expensive. Finally, goldilocks flew to Seattle and was thrilled to find a city with an alternative weekly, cafes open late and hyper internet literacy. Not too big, not too expensive, with views of snow capped mountains and evergreens everywhere, goldilocks moved into a two bedroom with a gay couple on capitol hill, and declared that it was ‘just right’. When october comes around and the clouds descend, goldilocks promptly questions the wisdom of her choice and decides to self-medicate.

Los angeles/Miami: if you’re into that sort of thing.

Philadelphia/New Jersey/Washington D.C.: so close, yet so far away.
Especially Philadelphia.

Boston: meh.

Chicago: an unknown quantity.

N.Y.: Everest.

If you’re wondering what the next stop is, it’s Beijing. obviously.

Sent by D. Huang from Boston, MA (currently)