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Drab sprawl

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Except for a couple of neighborhoods bordering downtown and three or four blocks near the beach (20 miles out from downtown), everything in Jacksonville is drab, ugly office-park suburban sprawl. Distances are such that more people drive more miles than even in other Sun Belt cities, let alone the rest of the world. Almost everyplace looks the same. Crime is not the worst in the United States, but not great either. The closest thing to a research university here is the University of North Florida, which is basically a local school. People are not at all well educated; generally very working-class and politically to the Right of Attilla the Hun (unless they are black). The only positives: 1) a few beautiful old neighborhoods near the St. Johns River near downtown2) cheap real estate (though not by Rust Belt standards- you can get a house in a decent inner-suburban area for under 0K, but just barely)- and of course the weather is a positive for some.

I live here because my work is very specialized and so its not easy to switch jobs.

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