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Greenest city on the water you’ll find!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Ever since I moved here, I find that Hamburg is one of the greenest cities in the world. Everywhere you look there is trees all over the place. Combined with the fact that the city has the second largest port in Europe, it compromises one fact for its high quality of life. Hamburg is a very open city and you can just be whoever you want to be, maybe because of its harbour. 120000 companies have at least an office in the city if not more, there is also a big aircraft industry in the city with Airbus in the lead. Another big branch would be the media industry. With 8 big German advertising agencies, it is the number one place in Germany for this industry. There is also growing IT and pharmaceutical industry. Another incredible project which resembles its optimism on growth in all directions is the founding of the first European University that specialized on the built enviroment and metroppolitan development, the HafenCity University. You can feel the energy and ambition in the people. I love living here and I can only suggest for people to come visit and check out Hamburg – The City on the water!

Sent by Ralf from Hamburg