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Hoosier Heartland

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

No one has written about Indianapolis, the center of the Hoosier Heartland? Perhaps they are too busy bustling about the center of downtown, the ‘Circle’ or making their way to one of the NBA, NFL, or minor league baseball (done like a real big-leaguer!) venues. The city has become mine, albeit more of an adopted brother of my real suburban hometown just to the north of Carmel. I was born in Indy and the capital city has always been so accessible. Without a major transit system, I was still able to trek down historic Meridian Street in under 30 minutes to join in on any and all the festivities. It got even better when I gleefully turned 21.

So, while not truthfully residing within the bounds of Marion County, I experience the altruism of a city that has been a center of promise (the city is more-commonly-now called the ‘Little Chicago’ or ‘Chicago, Jr.’).

Once a mecca of amateur sports, the NCAA wised up and made it’s full-time home here in Indy where, thanks to a recent pact between the two, I am now guaranteed to see a major NCAA sports championship hosted every year until 2030-ish.

It’s a city that should have bigger cities on notice, is a center of activity, and swells hospitality of Hoosiers proud of their middle-American swagger.

Especially when it comes to basketball…

Sent by Nick from Indianapolis