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Louisville Rocks

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

This is a fantastic mid-sized city. It is large enough that you are always meeting new people, but small enough that you feel like it’s a close-knit community. Several diverse neighborhoods are around the city, Highlands, Crescent Hill, and Germantown, plus there are suburbs with all the chains. There is a big push to shop locally, so there are many small businesses and restaurants, from Vietnamese to Italian to Ethiopian. We have many parks and our neighborhoods are walkable with mixed uses. Public transit could be a lot better though. There are several yoga studios and the countryside with horse stables is 20 min away. Louisville accepts diversity, in my opinion, although the rest of KY isn’t as progressive. Over half of Louisville’s growth is from immigration actually. We also have a couple of universities and a minor league baseball team, a variety of art museums, and horse racing, which is quite fun, especially at the Derby each May.

Sent by Jeanne from Louisville, KY