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Creativity in a hive…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

funchal2Funchal is a turbulent garden. A hive of creativity and ideas. But a big ocean in front prevents all those bees of talent to come out and unleash their pollen throughout the world. Once Funchal was named the “corner of the world”. People from the north coming to the south in arrogant suites and english accents; people from the south to the north dreaming awakened; people from the east to the west searching for hope and others from the west to the east desperate for adventure. Funchal was the meeting point. 500 years of global encounters, merging cultures, accents, languages and needs gave the city the stunning sense of a old hooker who only provides its clients with the q.b. of a cooking receipt and leaves the rest untouched for those who really wants to take the risk. So, if you want more of Funchal, if you want to seek deeply, if you want to dive further, you have to dig at your own risk and find the right affections to love a city of unleashed secrets and talents.

Sent by Mauricio from Funchal, Portugal