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European cities!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Since there is not a lot of discussion in the “Europe” section I will place my favourite European cities on show here that may entice many of you North Americans to come and appreciate a *real* sense of letting go and giving in to the rhythms of urban life!

Amsterdam – the San Francisco of Europe! A 24 hour economy, liberisation of cannabis, sexual freedom, plus a fantastic arts and music scene. Everything you’d wish for is in walking or tram distance. A multitude of cultures and languages are spoken here, plus you are a train ride away from London, Paris and Berlin, three amazing capital cities.

Manchester – once the industrial powerhouse of England, Manchester today is powerhouse of partying! Like most English cities, Manchester has a gritty edge but a soulful energetic buzz. From fantastic warehouse gatherings to commercial club nights; indie, punk and bhangra are also hugely popular; after all it’s the city that spawned bands like Oasis and the Stone Roses. A great ethnic culture thrives here too – take a trip down Curry Mile to savour what is widely regarded as one of Britain’s National Dishes: Vindaloo! There’s also a burgeoning gay scene at Canal Street. In fact, the city has something for everyone!

Edinburgh – the Athens of the North, Edinburgh serves as Scotland’s showpeice city. With a 500 year old university, a historical tradition of “Englightenment” and philosophy, Edinburgh to this day retains its mark as one of Britain’s most literary and acadmeic cities. Set in ! a stunni ng skyline of volcanic geology and Mediaeval, Georgian and Victorian architecture, Edinburgh’s artists, musicians and writers (such as J.K. Rowling!) have coalesced to forge a city where there is always something happening. And of course there’s the annual International Edinburgh Festival which attracts over a million visitors every August. Whether it’s latenight jazz, poetry readings, exhibition opening nights or even Pagan festivals, one is never bored in this, one of the UK’s consitently rated top cities to live in!

Sent by ABC from Edinburgh, Manchester, Amsterdam