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My Lion City – Singa-pore

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Singapore Esplanade - Creative centre

In a nutshell, I have lived here for 4 decades since 1966 when I first set foot in Singapore after London. I wanted to run off but had to make Singapore my matrimonial home.

Like London which grew on me after one year, Singapore became more livable with the revolutionary changes taking place after gaining independence in 1965; so I am 1 year younger than Spore!

Within 10 years of inspiration (10%) and perspiration (90%), I could not have believed how Singapore without any natural resources except a hard working and educated people, could transform herself into a beautiful clean and green city with good infrastructure and a financial centre.

Now that Singapore has evolved into a first world country, our government finds it is time to inject creative energies into our city to become a mega-city.

Hence, the birth of the Esplanade , where I produced a benefit concert “L’Enfant Sauvage ” in 2004 , with great success.

Singapore to me is my ideal city, with an open mind to keep on improving to attract the talented to come and join us to sustain this amazing city, I now call home.

Sent by Ana Wang from Singapore