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Viva Barcelona

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Having strolled the Barcelona streets for the past 6 years has made me aware of how much I love that city. Barcelona has done a fantastic job in holding onto and preserving their culture and traditions. It is a laid back and relaxed city occupied by interesting people, cute little café’s and historical 7 story buildings

Barcelona is a crispy clean city where storeowners or concierges sweep the pavement in front of their buildings. The sun is nearly always shining in the calles a.k.a. streets and cute little tables are dressed outside creating spectacular little café’s, next to all the green trees and parks. In the afternoon from 2 till 5 and on Sundays the shops are all closed, Spanish people enjoy big fancy lunches of 3 courses including a first course, Spanish traditional food like paella, desserts, wine and coffee, for great menu prices of 12 dollars. On Sundays I spend time with my boyfriends family, we go into the little village down the road where this old little bakery makes magical breads and we have again 3 course lunches with the grandparents and the rest of the family, eating very traditional foods like risottos, paella’s and fideua’s. We all listen to one another speak, we sit in the garden listening to classical music all dressed up elegantly for lunch and a great time is had by all.

At the age of 18 all hell breaks lose in Barcelona, as this is the legal age you can start to drive and drink, which might be better to gain at different times, and you can go clubbing and have an unforgettable night, which is not difficult in the trendy clubs of the city, like Sutton and Opium. Everyone drives motorbikes in the city, and cabs are not the main transport, the metros are clean and pleasant just like the busses. Barcelona doesn’t consist of many foreigners not many Asians at all, the Spanish people are very close to one another and have a strong cultural bond. The city is not to noisy and little do you hear sirens of fire trucks or ambulances, so bad things rarely go down. The movie theatres are always translated in Spanish, but we do have all the newest films. The people are interested in knowing your answer if they asked you a question, their polite, friendly, elegant and not fake.

What I love about Barcelona is that you’re on the beach and the mountains, it is such a diverse city and there are so many places to go and see, so much culture to be explored, so many great individual shops and high class up market restaurants to eat at, and I can even go skying if I drive 2 hours, or be in beautiful summer beach place I you drive 1 hour. It’s a beautiful city, full of markets, shops, museums and churches, and great for walking around.

I love Barcelona, and even though I am Dutch I like to consider myself Spanish. The sun, the sea, the mountaintops, the culture, tradition, the food, the parks, the shops and the atmosphere is like source of my happiness. Barcelona is just as great and powerful as many leading cities but it is totally different, there is no place like Barcelona, there is no place like home.

Sent by Rochelle from Barcelona