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Creative Entertaining
All Year Round

Rana Florida’s Operating Manual for the Perfect Celebration Event, Every Time

In her best-selling book, Upgrade, this CEO of the Creative Class Group gave us the insiders’ formula for success in work and life. Now Rana Florida offers her own unique take on an activity for which she is renowned on several continents and across television and the internet: Creative Entertaining—made simple, accessible, and as enjoyable for the host as for the guests.

A leading business expert consulting with the world’s top creative brands by day and peerless cook and entertainment “designer” by night, Florida claims “it’s the creativity that makes the difference” in making an event successful, whether a simple lunch or a blow-out gala dinner party. She admits that nothing gets her creative juices going faster or more intensely than the search for just the right recipe, setting, and combination of décor and style to entertain friends. In Creative Entertaining, her just-released guidebook, Florida shows readers step by step how to put together the perfect environment, matched with latest culinary trends, in just the right context. The result? An entertainment event that can transform an ordinary dinner into an exotic evening, lunch or tea into a fabulous escape, a backyard barbecue into a summer standout.

A Simple Story, Simply Organized

Described as “whip smart, endlessly creative, hysterically funny and totally real” by Time and Daily Beast writer Kate Betts, Florida uses her video and print series for the Huffington Post, HGTV, and FoodTV to broadcast her mantra that creative entertaining is simpler than we think; in Creative Entertaining, she expands the theme as only a book can. Whether you’re celebrating for a particular reason or just inviting friends to unwind from the warp-speed of busy lives, a chic glossy operating manual for precisely how to create an entertainment event efficiently, easily, and affordably.

Rana Florida is CEO of the Creative Class Group, whose clients include BMW, Starwood, IBM, Philips, Zappos, and Johnson & Johnson. She writes the Huffington Post column, “Your Startup Life” and is a regular HGTV contributor. She has appeared on The Today Show and MSNBC and in The New York Times.  She lives with her husband, Richard in New York, Toronto and Miami.

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