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  •  “Upgrade is an a-ha book that will change how you look at life’s challenges and give you tools to upgrade your life”
    Toure, co host of The Cycle on MSNBC
  •  “Creative and innovative strategies to upgrade your work and life, with 7 simple principles”
    Tony Hsieh, CEO, Inc and The New York Times Best-selling author, Delivering Happiness
  •  “Read Upgrade for its stories, examples, and strategies and get ready to live the life you always wanted.”
    Frank Toskan, Founder M.A.C. Cosmetics
  • “Rana’s perspective on business and life is a fresh new take, breaking the traditional corporate mold…”
    Ali Velshi, CNN Chief Business Correspondent, Anchor, CNN-I World Business Today, Host, CNN Your Money
  •  “(Rana’s) Upgrade welcomes you to take a fresh approach to everything you do to get the most out of work and life.”
     Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award winning musician
  •  “Why ride in coach, when you can upgrade? A must read for a better journey through life.”
    Don Tapscott, Best-selling author, Wikinomics
  • “Rana Florida’s well researched and clearly written UPGRADE is the manifesto for success.”
    Mario Batali, Critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, award-winning author, and television personality

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