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 Конспект Russia article.pdf2016-06-03 10:06 625K 
 'Creative Class' Professor Leaves GMU - 20:09 90K 
 'Creative class' group makes economic growth plans.pdf2008-03-07 11:18 48K 
 01-02-04_Washington_ Monthly.pdf2007-07-05 22:04 3.9M 
 02-20-07_Wiwo.pdf2007-08-02 02:22 58K 
 04 91 America's Break Throuh Illusion Threatens its 001.jpg2007-07-17 15:48 1.4M 
 08-06_Business_Week.pdf2007-08-15 12:43 722K 
 1-The_Future_of_ Industrialization.pdf2007-09-09 08:55 5.3M 
 2-High_Technology_restructuring_in_the_USA_and_Japan.pdf2007-09-09 08:49 2.5M 
 2 Creativity_Connections_and_Innovation.pdf2007-05-29 13:44 206K 
 2 The_Associational_Economy.pdf2007-06-11 02:14 518K 
 2 Transfer and Replication of Organizational Capabilities - Ja.pdf2007-08-02 02:51 5.5M - Opinion - Inside Report for July 17, 2007 -- Baton Rouge, LA.pdf2007-07-19 10:10 356K 
 3-Beyond_Mass_Production.pdf2007-09-09 09:03 2.6M 
 3 The_Productive_Edge.pdf2007-06-11 02:17 728K 
 3 There_Goes_the_Neighborhood.pdf2007-07-18 10:21 650K 
 4-5.pdf2010-06-24 12:08 290K 
 4-1997_Investing_in_Inovation.pdf2007-09-09 09:18 4.2M 
 4-The_Political_Economy_of_Financial_Deregulation.pdf2007-09-09 09:29 2.3M 
 4 Cities and the Creative Class.pdf2007-05-29 13:47 114K 
 4 Technology_and_Tolerance.pdf2007-06-11 02:47 534K 
 5-The_Industrial_Transformation_of_the_Great_Lakes_Region.pdf2007-09-09 12:40 2.2M 
 5 Engine or Infrastructure.pdf2007-08-02 03:13 5.2M 
 5 Just_Another_Car_Factory.pdf2007-06-11 02:18 468K 
 5 The_Economic_Geography_of_Talent.pdf2007-05-29 13:49 1.0M 
 5_-_america_s_best___brightest.pdf2007-08-15 12:34 678K 
 6-A_Nation_of_Regions.pdf2007-09-09 12:33 6.4M 
 6 Bohemia_and_Economic_Geography.pdf2007-08-02 02:46 2.9M 
 6 Technopolis.pdf2007-06-11 02:21 1.1M 
 7-Japanese_Direct_investment.pdf2007-09-09 12:25 3.3M 
 7 Do_Green_Businesses_Benefit_Communities.pdf2007-06-11 02:37 670K 
 7 Regional_Advantage.pdf2007-06-11 02:25 545K 
 8-Regional_Patterns_of_Venture_Capital_Investment.pdf2007-09-09 12:13 2.9M 
 8 Strategic_Capitalism.pdf2007-06-11 02:27 834K 
 8 Work System Innovation among Japanese Transplants in the Uni.pdf2007-08-02 03:34 7.4M 
 9-The_Environment_and_the_High_Performance_Revolution.pdf2007-09-09 12:23 3.6M 
 9 Lean_and_Green.pdf2007-08-02 10:02 347K 
 9 New_Strategies_for_New_Challenges.pdf2007-06-13 10:17 12M 
 9 The Great IT Worker Awakening.pdf2007-06-06 09:58 39K 
 10-Americas_Breakthrough_Illusion.pdf2007-09-09 12:44 2.8M 
 10 EInclusion.pdf2007-06-06 10:03 47K 
 10 Job Hunting Tips for College Grads.pdf2013-05-13 11:53 150K 
 10 Regional_Creative_Destruction.pdf2007-06-14 00:11 5.6M 
 10 Report_of_the_PA_21st_Century_Environment_Commission.pdf2007-06-13 11:30 23M 
 11-Urban_Competitiveness.pdf2007-09-09 13:28 14M 
 11 The Economys In A Slump Take A Nap.pdf2007-06-07 15:48 47K 
 12-Investing_in_ Inovation.pdf2007-09-09 13:40 3.0M 
 12 Japanese_Transplants_in_North_America.pdf2007-06-14 00:36 7.0M 
 12 The Transfer of Japanese Management Styles in Two US Transplant .pdf2007-08-02 03:37 2.3M 
 13-Report_of_Field_Research_on_Environmentally-Conscious_Manufacturing.pdf2007-09-09 14:34 5.4M 
 13 Green Manufacturing.pdf2007-05-29 15:32 1.5M 
 13 Silver IT Lining In Dark Clouds.pdf2007-06-07 15:52 56K 
 13th Trend Day.pdf2008-02-29 09:53 37K 
 14-The_Japanese_Transplants_Project.pdf2007-09-09 14:53 5.4M 
 14 Technology Talent and Tolerance.pdf2007-06-11 01:52 49K 
 14 The Rise of the Creative Class.pdf2007-06-20 15:46 237K 
 14 The_Geographic_Sources_of_Innovation.pdf2007-08-02 03:39 3.6M 
 15-Linking_the_Environment_to_the_New_Competitiveness-Strategy.pdf2007-09-09 15:10 6.6M 
 15 Challenges to Technology Policy in a Changing World Economy.pdf2007-06-14 01:10 5.9M 
 15 Economic Development for the New Economy.pdf2007-06-06 08:07 1.1M 
 16-North_America's_High_Performance_Heartland.pdf2007-09-09 15:30 1.9M 
 16 What Else Is There Besides Money.pdf2007-06-11 01:57 40K 
 17 Japanese Automotive Transplants and the Transfer of the Japa.pdf2007-08-02 03:42 7.5M 
 17 We can import the Irish Miracle.pdf2007-06-11 02:02 47K 
 18-Venture_Capital_and_Industrial_Competitiveness.pdf2007-09-09 15:44 5.8M 
 18 Foreign Direct Investment and the Economy.pdf2007-06-14 00:44 14M 
 18 Pittburghs Prosperity Depends on Diversity.pdf2007-06-11 02:05 45K 
 19-Design_for_a_High_Performance_Manufacturing_Infr.pdf2007-09-09 15:54 3.3M 
 19 Challenges to Technology Policy in a Changing World.pdf2007-06-14 01:17 3.9M 
 19 Pittsburgh, Let's Wake Up and Play.pdf2007-08-02 02:58 58K 
 19 University-Industry_Research_Centers_in_the_US.pdf2007-08-12 18:26 11M 
 20-Venture_Capital_Innovation_and_Economic_Development.pdf2007-09-09 16:13 4.7M 
 20 Brainiest Cities in America.pdf2010-08-29 12:05 66K 
 20 Highest Earning Cities i...pdf2010-07-14 07:59 71K 
 20 Moments From The Past 20 Years That Moved The Whole World Forward.pdf2015-11-30 11:08 962K 
 20 Most Innovative States.pdf2010-10-21 14:02 60K 
 20 cities with worst mortgages.pdf2010-08-31 12:06 84K 
 23 American Industries Teaching Japan a Few Lessons in Manageme.pdf2007-06-06 08:16 1.5M 
 23 Transplanted_Organizations.pdf2007-08-02 04:05 2.9M 
 33 The_New_Geography_of_Automobile_Production.pdf2007-08-02 04:09 3.0M 
 38 Venture_Capital_and_High_Technology_Entrepreneurship.pdf2007-08-02 04:15 3.2M 
 100 Amazingly Insightful.pdf2009-08-03 16:22 30K 
 100 best twitter feeds.pdf2009-09-29 11:57 31K 
 122_-_talent_scout.pdf2007-08-15 12:32 1.9M 
 166_-_interview_with_richard_florida__.pdf2007-08-15 12:25 110K 
 175_-_be_creative_--_or_die.pdf2007-08-15 12:21 162K 
 360Mag.png2014-01-14 13:04 2.8M 
 800CEORead The Daily Blog - Jack Covert Selects- The Great Reset.pdf2010-05-17 16:23 108K 
 800ceoread - The Great Reset Book description.pdf2010-04-21 21:37 323K 
 1988-ProfessionalGeographer-VentureCapitalsGeography.pdf2007-03-04 19:51 281K 
 1988-Research_Policy-Venture_Capital-Financed_Innovation_in_the_US.pdf2008-01-04 11:01 3.1M 
 1989-Futures-Japans_Role_in_a_Postfordist_Age.pdf2006-12-08 16:58 1.4M 
 1991-Futures-The_New_Industrial_Revolution.pdf2006-12-08 16:50 1.5M 
 1993-Annals_of_the_Association_of_American_Geographers-Venture_Capital_Formation,_Investment,_and_Regional_Industrialization.pdf2006-12-08 16:41 2.2M 
 1993-Futures-The_New_Age_of_Capitalism.pdf2006-12-08 16:36 1.4M 
 1993-Issues_In_Science_And_Technology-Keep_The_Government_Out_Of_Venture_Capital.pdf2007-03-20 00:27 1.7M 
 1994-Economic_Geography-The_Globalization_of_Japanese_R_and_D.pdf2007-03-04 18:01 2.3M 
 1994-Growth_and_Change-Institutions_and_Economic_Transformation.pdf2006-12-08 16:04 832K 
 1994-Research_Policy-The_Organization_and_Geography_of_Japanese_R_and_D.pdf2006-12-08 16:00 2.0M 
 1994-World_Development-Japanese_Maquiladoras.pdf2006-12-08 15:56 1.8M 
 1995-Futures-Toward_the_Learning_Region.pdf2007-06-26 15:31 863K 
 1995-Issues_In_Science_And_Technology-Technology_Policy_For_A_Global_Economy.pdf2007-03-20 00:13 1.9M 
 1997-Research_Policy-The_Globalization_of_R_and_D.pdf2006-12-08 15:40 1.5M 
 1999-Issues_In_Science_and_Technology-The_Role_of_the_University_Leveraging_Technology_Not_Talent.pdf2007-03-19 22:55 1.0M 
 1999-Regional_Environmental_Performance_And_Sustainability.pdf2007-03-15 01:06 149K 
 2000-Competing_In_The_Age_Of_Talent.pdf2007-03-14 01:44 407K 
 2000-The_World_That_Changed_The_Machine_Globalization_And_Jobs_In_The_Automotive_Industry.pdf2007-03-15 00:59 753K 
 2002-Annals_of_the_American_Geographer-The_Economic_Geography_of_Talent.pdf2006-11-22 19:00 1.0M 
 2002-Annals_of_the_Association_of_American_Geographers-The_Economic_Geography_of_Talent.pdf2006-12-04 01:27 1.0M 
 2002-Competing_on_Creativity.pdf2007-03-14 01:31 1.4M 
 2002-Rebuilding_Lower_Manhattan_For_The_Creative_Age.pdf2007-03-14 01:39 86K 
 2003-Washington_Monthly-The_New_American_Dream.pdf2007-03-15 01:28 2.1M 
 2014_Hrz_Start_Up_City.pdf2014-05-02 09:38 2.3M 
 10000 ft interview.pdf2013-09-13 10:00 180K 
 20090827160430416.pdf2009-08-28 08:26 569K 
 A0409050301.pdf2009-04-12 20:11 2.1M 
 A 21st century boom town.pdf2009-09-16 14:56 50K 
 AAAG_Draft-revised_Aug07.doc2007-10-23 19:52 284K 
 A Creative Manifesto.pdf2008-02-29 09:42 561K 
 A Crucial Choice Where to Live.pdf2008-03-15 09:21 21K 
 A Map of the Future.pdf2009-02-13 12:47 16K 
 A New Arc_Wall Street Journal_Interview on Newark.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 58K 
 A New Name for a New Econom...pdf2010-05-10 06:48 53K 
 A Retrofit for America’s Dying Malls - WSJ.pdf2017-12-15 11:52 537K 
 A Retrofit for America’s Dying Malls WSJ.pdf2017-12-15 11:53 537K 
 A Retrofit for Americas Dying Malls WSJ.pdf2017-12-15 11:55 537K 
 ASB Book of the Week.pdf2008-04-11 16:21 58K 
 A Speakers interview with Richard Florida.pdf2013-09-19 14:35 79K 
 A_More_Realistic_New_Year.pdf2007-04-07 13:23 81K 
 AbuDhabi_merged.pdf2009-08-14 15:14 339K 
 A course for new times.pdf2009-02-11 07:28 14K 
 A dire global imbalance in creativity.pdf2007-01-15 16:45 88K 
 Advertising Age.pdf2010-08-05 15:43 63K 
 Advertising Age2.pdf2010-08-05 15:58 69K 
 After the Crash.pdf2009-02-16 14:47 17K 
 Agenda6 acumen.pdf2010-08-29 12:31 657K 
 Agglomeration and Industrial Location - An Econometric Analy.pdf2007-08-12 17:11 3.4M 
 Ahead of the curbe.pdf2008-10-18 13:58 42K 
 Albany among top cities for college grads.pdf2010-05-27 06:55 26K 
 Albany touted as top place for recent college grads.pdf2010-06-01 12:29 12K 
 Albee Square_ When the Mall�s No Longer Home (Gotham Gazette. July, 2007).pdf2007-07-23 20:27 180K 
 All webby.pdf2009-05-15 13:51 1.0M 
 A look at how Londons Olympic legacy may go beyond bricks and mortar.pdf2012-06-11 12:17 39K 
 America's Break Throuh Illusion.pdf2007-08-13 10:46 8.1M 
 America's_Best_and_Brightest.pdf2007-08-13 14:59 123K 
 American University-Industry Research Centers in Biotechnolo.pdf2007-08-12 18:31 10M 
 America needs to make its bad jobs better.pdf2010-07-06 08:06 20K 
 Among the 40 'megas' _ rockymountainnews.pdf2008-03-23 21:51 20K 
 An Intelligent Redesign of Americas Communities.pdf2009-03-30 18:53 62K 
 Andy Bosselman_ Creative Class author Richard Florida says De...pdf2008-03-26 09:59 26K 
 A new kind of economic indicator.pdf2009-07-20 07:27 77K 
 An interview with Richard Florida.pdf2009-10-10 15:17 47K 
 An opportunity to be creative.pdf2009-02-14 14:43 14K 
 An opportunity to change.pdf2009-03-01 15:06 18K 
 An urbanists retreat.pdf2009-04-15 21:53 142K 
 April 19 article.pdf2011-04-19 11:38 685K 
 Araya & Peters - Chapter 3.pdf2010-12-07 11:41 692K 
 A really new.pdf2009-03-01 14:39 21K 
 A return to the cities.pdf2009-02-13 12:51 18K 
 Arizona Republic - Single men outnumber single women in the Valley.pdf2008-04-12 18:35 279K 
 Arlington Creative Class Report.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 1.8M 
 Arlington Virginia A Great Success Story.pdf2009-03-05 17:45 952K 
 Artefact.pdf2013-10-01 10:56 69K 
 ArticleLesEchosVilleAttractivite.pdf2010-04-05 11:38 226K 
 Arts are an engine of economic sustainability.pdf2009-03-30 18:40 129K 
 A search for jobs USA Today.pdf2010-05-10 13:34 15K 
 A search for jobs in some of the wrong places.pdf2007-01-15 17:24 71K 
 A source of creative energy we're fools not to tap.pdf2008-05-12 01:42 185K 
 Assets to Las Vegas growth.pdf2012-01-30 13:48 29K 
 Associated Press The World is not Flat.pdf2008-03-27 17:18 15K 
 At Zappos, it�s all fun and business.pdf2014-07-30 12:21 36K 
 A tale of many cities.pdf2009-05-08 10:45 3.4M 
 Atlantic Feature Where the Skills Are.pdf2011-09-22 14:25 577K 
 Atlantic Monthly Fools San Franciscans.pdf2009-03-30 18:48 76K 
 A triple grande recession.pdf2009-02-16 10:49 29K 
 At the intersection of immigrant and hippie.doc2007-11-26 20:50 36K 
 Attracting Smart People to Your Community Accelerates Entrepreneurship.pdf2010-08-31 08:40 59K 
 Audi Urban Initiative Interview 2014.pdf2014-11-07 09:12 802K 
 Austin Business Journal.pdf2010-11-29 20:31 30K 
 Austin Ranks 5.pdf2012-06-29 15:20 43K 
 Austin area.pdf2010-08-05 16:19 72K 
 Author Finds MAdison is a Fine Place to Live.pdf2008-03-12 12:54 12K 
 Author Richard Florida explains creative theory of drawing jobs.pdf2011-01-18 13:24 40K 
 Author Richard Florida to Serve As a Senior Visiting Fellow for ULI.pdf2012-05-25 08:31 29K 
 Author Richard Florida to headline Greenlight.pdf2008-05-31 17:32 15K 
 Author says Austin model recovery city.pdf2010-11-29 20:34 246K 
 BA High Life May 2013.Toronto.pdf2013-05-06 10:54 4.7M 
 BBC Focus.pdf2009-04-17 13:50 554K 
 BBC On track to mega.pdf2013-09-19 14:39 113K 
 BBC Radio.pdf2008-09-16 11:43 19K 
 BCNG Portals Page (R).pdf2007-07-19 10:11 230K 
 BMW Guggenheim Lab Log Resilient economies, resilient cities An interview with Richard Florida.pdf2012-03-01 14:38 541K 
 BNET On The News - Richard Florida - How the Recession Will Shape Our Economy - and Our Society.pdf2010-05-07 13:12 1.0M 
 BNET Personal Success - Brains Still Trump Guns and Oil.pdf2010-05-17 16:30 433K 
 BNET Richard Florida - The Next Boomtowns.pdf2008-04-01 23:03 183K 
 Bacons Rebellion.pdf2012-05-24 13:12 42K 
 Bal Harbor Shops Profiles.docx2013-12-03 12:01 1.0M 
 Ball Harbour Magazine - Rana Florida Fall 2013.pdf2013-10-02 16:23 1.5M 
 Barack Obama power to the new creatives.pdf2008-06-14 14:00 32K 
 Barcelona Metropolis.pdf2013-12-19 09:46 286K 
 Barcelona spanish article.pdf2010-10-20 11:26 271K 
 Baseballs_Home_Run.pdf2007-01-15 16:18 73K 
 Be Creative-- Or Die.pdf2007-07-31 11:20 1.6M 
 Be Nice to the 'Creative Class'!.pdf2008-08-07 09:32 35K 
 Beautiful places.pdf2009-11-10 06:44 321K 
 Behind the Silicon Curtain.pdf2007-08-12 18:10 4.7M 
 Belated Discovery-Map Proves New York is Nexis of Neurosis.pdf2008-05-16 22:23 125K 
 Best 30 Business Books.pdf2010-10-28 11:32 42K 
 Best Christmas Cities for Kids.pdf2010-12-22 14:53 56K 
 Best Cities.pdf2009-06-18 09:00 18K 
 Best Cities for Single Men and Women on New Year�s.pdf2011-01-03 15:19 69K 
 Best Cities for Trick or Treating.pdf2010-10-28 10:26 68K 
 Best Cities to Find Jobs in...pdf2010-08-13 16:25 64K 
 Best Cities to be single on new years.pdf2011-01-03 15:20 69K 
 Best Selling Author and Economic Expert Richard Florida to Keynote NAB Show.pdf2009-03-18 12:03 28K 
 Beyond Luxury Media 2015 Judges Panel.pdf2015-05-20 10:59 216K 
 Beyond_Spillovers.pdf2007-03-26 01:29 566K 
 Big Ideas From The World Of Business Books.pdf2012-07-20 14:23 35K 
 Big Think.pdf2012-08-13 14:02 36K 
 Big Think August 2012.pdf2012-08-13 14:06 37K 
 Bilan interview Swiss.pdf2012-09-11 10:22 1.2M 
 Biz Beat Perhaps sprawl cost us after all.pdf2010-08-29 13:23 24K 
 Blazing the trail.doc2008-01-13 21:42 94K 
 Bloomberg review.pdf2017-10-30 11:28 345K 
 Bohemia and Economic Geography.pdf2009-05-27 20:56 188K 
 Bohemian Rhapsody.pdf2007-08-02 02:38 40K 
 BookClub.pdf2012-08-20 12:34 77K 
 BookPage.JPG2008-03-07 11:21 195K 
 Book Review.pdf2010-10-07 12:13 184K 
 Boston Globe.pdf2016-01-31 08:48 191K 
 Boston Review.pdf2018-02-20 10:22 192K 
 Boundaries Class ridden America.pdf2012-09-27 13:26 54K 
 Brain Circulation and Miami.pdf2013-02-15 13:17 115K 
 Brain sex blog.pdf2013-10-16 14:09 91K 
 Breakthrough Illusion.pdf2008-01-25 15:23 217K 
 Breathing life back into the cities.pdf2008-03-19 21:18 19K 
 Bridging_and_Bonding.doc2007-03-26 01:09 368K 
 Bridging_and_Bonding.pdf2007-03-26 01:35 473K 
 Brief #4 FINAL Benchmarking Miami\'s Globalization.pdf2018-04-05 08:40 8.6M 
 Brief 2 FINAL Benchmarking Miami\'s Growth and Competitiveness.pdf2018-02-20 09:20 5.7M 
 Brief 2 FINAL Benchmarking Miami\'s Innovation and Entrepreneurship.pdf2018-02-06 09:56 4.6M 
 Brief 3 FINAL Benchmarking Miami\'s Innovation and Entrepreneurship.pdf2018-02-20 09:14 4.6M 
 Brief_116_B4P.pdf2009-07-08 10:34 1.4M 
 Bright Lights.pdf2008-03-15 09:18 39K 
 Brika.pdf2013-08-22 15:21 224K 
 Brika 2.pdf2013-08-23 12:50 190K 
 Brika what we love.pdf.pdf2013-08-23 12:45 368K 
 BrisbaneTimes - Technology is no substitute for the messiness of humanity.pdf2009-08-23 12:50 39K 
 British Land Blog Interview.pdf2017-10-12 12:55 196K 
 Brittanica.pdf2012-09-06 14:32 205K 
 Broadcasting and cable2009-03-30 10:30 396K 
 Broadcasting and cable.pdf2009-03-30 10:32 396K 
 Brookings article.pdf2020-03-25 09:49 310K 
 Bumpy economic ride far from over.pdf2009-02-14 13:32 16K 
 Business Beat.pdf2009-03-30 19:27 39K 
 Business Best-Sellers.pdf2009-05-26 10:51 20K 
 Business Facilities - Capturing the Creative Class.pdf2008-03-23 23:00 134K 
 Business Insider Theres No Way Manufacturing Can Save America.pdf2013-02-18 13:07 394K 
 Business Insider column.pdf2012-02-01 13:18 94K 
 BusinessJournalEditoral.pdf2006-10-09 04:00 207K 
 Business Learning Solutions.pdf2014-01-14 12:59 58K 
 Business Management.pdf2014-07-30 12:23 36K 
 Business News Daily.pdf2013-09-26 11:46 203K 
 Business Today.pdf2014-03-11 12:37 777K 
 Business Traveller.jpg2013-12-17 14:12 83K 
 BusinessWeek You Are where you live.pdf2008-04-11 16:21 956K 
 Business_Maroochy_Article.pdf2008-03-11 22:18 1.0M 
 Business_Week_Profile_8-7-06.pdf2006-08-17 04:00 48K 
 Businesses warned about growth's possible downside.pdf2008-06-05 10:20 28K 
 Business news briefs.pdf2007-07-19 10:14 68K 
 Business visionary.pdf2010-02-04 13:23 19K 
 Busking evokes sense of place.pdf2009-01-21 20:37 15K 
 Buzz - Face to Face Contact and the Urban Economy.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 158K 
 Bye, Creatives.doc2008-01-13 20:54 26K 
 CBC News Vancouver.pdf2014-10-23 13:12 235K 
 CBC Rethinking the home ownership dream.pdf2014-02-04 14:42 377K 
 CCG_report_fullpour_f3.pdf2014-04-22 13:07 3.7M 
 CEO Read - Best_Business_Books_of_all_time.pdf2008-12-16 20:33 680K 
 CEO Read Creative Manifesto.pdf2013-09-13 09:53 464K 
 CEO Read Rise Revisted Creative Manifesto.pdf2012-05-25 09:25 643K 
 CIGI hosts The Agenda with Steve Paikin.pdf2009-03-30 19:31 40K 
 CNN (CNN Lady Gaga.pdf2014-10-13 11:54 113K 
 CNN Amazon.pdf2018-02-06 09:29 329K 
 CTV Report urges a more creative economy in Ontario.pdf2009-02-13 13:23 38K 
 California has right stuff for a down economy.pdf2010-07-19 11:34 45K 
 Cambridge Journal.pdf2011-04-06 17:55 116K 
 Can Low Wage Workers Find Better Jobs NY Fed Working Paper.pdf2018-11-15 12:15 361K 
 Canada a model for US.pdf2009-04-25 08:16 19K 
 Canadas Greatest Competitive Advantage Our Creativity.pdf2012-07-20 10:17 216K 
 Canadas cities need more.pdf2009-04-15 14:53 13K 
 Canada to emerge.pdf2009-05-25 20:44 16K 
 Canadian Business March 31 08.pdf2008-03-18 11:37 4.3M 
 Canadian House and Home Tour.pdf2013-05-09 09:09 98K 
 Canadian cities becoming pop music powerhouses.pdf2011-02-18 15:12 52K 
 Canadian manual for successful urbanism.pdf2009-03-30 10:23 16K 
 Canadians Can be World-Beaters, If Only We Were Not So Sheltered - Embassy - Newspaper Online..pdf2007-07-19 10:13 730K 
 Can the creative class rise in Roanoke.pdf2009-02-16 15:10 19K 
 Capital.pdf2014-07-17 09:15 71K 
 Capital_Beyone_Borders_and_Power_Steering.pdf2007-07-17 16:37 1.6M 
 Capital_and_creative_des001.pdf2007-07-09 17:51 32M 
 Capital and Creative Destruction.pdf2007-08-02 03:23 7.9M 
 Capitalitst Crises.pdf2009-03-01 15:09 25K 
 Capitol Weekly.pdf2011-01-04 14:48 136K 
 Career Launch for local filmmakers.pdf2008-09-10 10:44 82K 
 Carta Medellín.pdf2015-06-10 14:39 1.3M 
 Carta Medellín 5 Florida.pdf2015-06-10 14:34 1.3M 
 Carta Medellin.pdf2015-06-10 14:40 1.3M 
 Catalyst.pdf2015-04-29 11:01 675K 
 Catalytix_Montreal_Mkting__anglais_FINAL1.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 154K 
 Cato Online Forum An Urban Agenda for Economic Growth.pdf2014-12-02 11:23 65K 
 Celebrity Critic.pdf2008-10-23 07:27 20K 
 Centres for Cities.pdf2016-04-18 09:49 177K 
 Certified General Accounts Magazine.png2013-12-16 09:35 2.5M 
 Change Org Petition Amazon.pdf2018-02-06 09:35 165K 
 Charity Vogul.pdf2008-04-21 12:46 15K 
 Chicago Crains.pdf2012-09-27 13:38 60K 
 Chicagoans lauded as outgoing.pdf2008-05-17 21:11 20K 
 China_Business_Journal_-_Business Management_Review.pdf2010-04-05 08:09 651K 
 China report.pdf2006-08-21 04:00 347K 
 Chinas Development Disconnect.pdf2014-04-16 10:40 220K 
 Choose your city wisely.pdf2009-04-09 07:31 27K 
 Chronicle of Higher Ed Robots are not the problem.pdf2013-03-25 12:28 255K 
 Chronicle of Higher Education.pdf2008-03-21 08:50 21K 
 Chronicler of the Creative Class.pdf2010-09-02 10:34 49K 
 Cities and the Creative Class.pdf2008-01-25 15:24 266K 
 Cities from Firms.pdf2007-02-06 19:39 357K 
 City's creativity relies on affordability author says.pdf2008-06-08 19:50 20K 
 CityScapeMagazine.pdf2014-05-12 11:59 924K 
 City Slickers Canadian Business.pdf2008-03-17 17:38 4.3M 
 City Vitals.pdf2008-01-14 09:39 335K 
 City manager announces creative team.pdf2009-02-14 13:11 34K 
 Class_Distinctions_for_Global_Economy_(RiseReview).pdf2007-02-13 18:53 1.2M 
 Classy Career Girl review.pdf2014-01-21 13:13 245K 
 Co Design The New Urban Crisis.pdf2018-01-04 13:02 292K 
 Columbus article.pdf2012-11-02 13:40 225K 
 Combating the winner-takes-all ‘New Urban Crisis’ _ Toronto Star.pdf2017-04-11 12:03 235K 
 Comeback Cities.pdf2014-10-30 11:04 66K 
 Commerce matters.pdf2010-08-12 14:25 43K 
 Common Edge Richard Florida on the Enduring Legacy of Jane Jacobs.pdf2016-05-02 14:43 523K 
 Companies_Must_Fight_The_Backlash.pdf2007-06-11 01:54 82K 
 Competing_in_the_Age_of_Talent.pdf2007-05-02 02:48 1.1M 
 Competing in a New Age.doc2008-01-13 21:23 95K 
 Competing on Creativity.pdf2009-05-27 11:33 1.4M 
 Conditioning Investment is a Losing Strategy.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 1.0M 
 Conference to explore creativity.pdf2009-02-11 12:32 16K 
 Conversando con.v2.pdf2014-07-21 11:15 447K 
 Conversation with Richard Florida.pdf2010-11-15 14:31 80K 
 Crain\'s article.pdf2015-06-10 13:58 81K 
 Crains NY Business.pdf2017-09-26 09:46 46K 
 Crains article.pdf2015-06-10 13:59 81K 
 Create Detroit DBusiness article.pdf2015-05-26 11:43 129K 
 Creating a Creative Roanoke.pdf2009-02-16 15:01 13K 
 Creating a shared economic prosperity for the Metroplex.pdf2012-09-27 11:28 129K 
 Creating class rising.pdf2009-06-03 11:18 2.9M 
 Creative Capital.pdf2007-01-15 17:10 102K 
 Creative Cities' ideas flourish.pdf2011-03-07 19:08 19K 
 Creative Cities Summit Announces Richard Florida as Special Keynote.pdf2008-06-24 21:04 22K 
 Creative Jobs, Industries and Places.pdf2014-04-16 10:35 58K 
 Creative Living.pdf2014-12-17 08:05 8.3M 
 Creative Spaces 10 Brands With Street Cred.pdf2012-07-24 12:22 968K 
 Creative Spaces A Vibrant and Daring Toronto Penthouse.pdf2012-11-07 13:06 600K 
 Creative Spaces An Enchanted Treasure Trove of Art and Design in Miami A Private Museum.pdf2012-03-30 14:34 541K 
 Creative Spaces Baby You Can Park My Car.pdf2012-03-01 15:42 274K 
 Creative Spaces Catch Some Springtime Rays and Relax.pdf2012-04-05 13:58 765K 
 Creative Spaces Creative Restaurants.pdf2012-02-13 12:30 890K 
 Creative Spaces Dada or Derelict.pdf2012-03-30 13:59 538K 
 Creative Spaces Designing the Brand.pdf2012-05-24 14:32 516K 
 Creative Spaces Schools That Don\'t Suck.pdf2012-04-26 11:37 551K 
 Creative Spaces Schools That Dont Suck.pdf2012-04-26 11:38 552K 
 Creative Spaces Stadiums that Could Teach the Super Bowl a Few Tricks .pdf2012-01-30 14:11 724K 
 Creative Spaces The Need for Space Outside the Office.pdf2012-01-04 12:07 461K 
 Creative Spaces The Worlds Coolest Pools.pdf2012-06-25 10:38 3.4M 
 Creative Spaces Waterfronts That Make a Splash.pdf2012-06-08 14:20 664K 
 Creative Spaces Where the Wild Things Should Be.pdf2012-05-24 13:37 958K 
 Creative Spaces Where to Find Inspiration.pdf2012-01-17 14:39 568K 
 Creative Underclass_ Is the West the New Dating Corridor_.pdf2008-04-03 08:30 105K 
 Creative_Class_War.pdf2007-04-12 02:37 279K 
 Creative class helps county.pdf2008-09-24 14:09 36K 
 Creatives must bring everyone along.pdf2007-01-15 16:32 53K 
 Creativity, Talent and Regional Wages in Sweden.pdf2010-03-16 12:22 511K 
 Creativity, technology what a city needs.pdf2010-03-11 06:04 20K 
 Creativity Clusters and the Competitive Advantage of Cities.pdf2015-07-03 13:00 3.1M 
 Creativity Index Rankings for U.S. States.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 387K 
 Creativity Will Drive the U.S.pdf2012-08-13 13:54 204K 
 Creativity_Connections_and_Innovation.pdf2007-05-21 13:34 206K 
 Creativity and Culture Visionary Rana Florida Joins SHOP.pdf2013-05-08 20:45 42K 
 Creativity is the new economy.pdf2012-07-03 09:57 249K 
 Creativity the economy's key ingredient.pdf2011-10-19 11:05 59K 
 Creativity the key to Durham's future.pdf2009-11-30 20:15 1.8M 
 Cultural Weekly.pdf2012-09-27 11:15 243K 
 Curbed Miami’s growing tech scene tries to level up.pdf2018-11-15 11:53 821K 
 Curbed Miamis growing tech scene tries to level up.pdf2018-11-15 11:54 821K 
 DC.pdf2009-03-05 15:12 1.3M 
 DFW needs a more creative strategy to keep growing jobs.pdf2012-04-05 13:34 48K 
 Daily Beast.pdf2010-05-26 10:38 26K 
 Daily Beast.pdf2010-05-26 10:39 94K 
 Daily News A stronger smarter New York.pdf2012-11-07 13:16 103K 
 Daily News Obama.pdf2013-02-04 10:17 77K 
 Daily News Rich man, poor man, angry man.pdf2013-08-20 12:44 84K 
 Daily News Tech returns to its NYC roots.pdf2014-05-16 10:38 186K 
 Daily News Thank immigrants for safe cities.pdf2013-05-07 21:40 109K 
 Daily News Wanted Working Class Jobs.pdf2012-07-10 09:52 155K 
 Dallas Morning News op ed.pdf2012-04-05 14:05 104K 
 Dallas News.pdf2012-04-05 13:37 290K 
 Dallas singled out for unmarried guy supply Dallas Morning ...pdf2008-04-22 21:18 15K 
 Dan Pink.pdf2012-04-09 13:45 164K 
 Daunting challenges.pdf2009-10-26 06:14 28K 
 Davos Europe in the creative age.pdf2014-01-22 08:55 650K 
 Dayton Daily News - Creative Class guru loves Dayton.pdf2008-03-27 14:42 220K 
 Dayton Daily News - Daytons young, restless get creative.pdf2008-04-09 13:02 139K 
 Daytonology_ Five Creative Region Initiatives.pdf2008-03-07 16:18 49K 
 Deep Body Upgrade.pdf2015-11-03 10:01 272K 
 DeepBody magazine.png2013-11-13 13:23 1.8M 
 Deloitte magazine Brazil.pdf2015-06-22 11:06 371K 
 Delta Sky June 2010.pdf2010-06-15 15:07 129K 
 Density and Creativity 2008.pdf2009-05-27 21:00 467K 
 Denver Business Journal Richard Florida pegs Denver as part of urban revolution.pdf2014-03-17 19:40 50K 
 Design for a Post- Cold War Company-1991.doc2007-07-11 15:20 27K 
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 Divided City_Sept2014.pdf2014-09-29 12:58 9.7M 
 Do You Want Obama to fail.pdf2009-03-11 13:45 138K 
 Document1.pdf2008-10-22 11:59 33K 
 Document2.pdf2008-10-22 12:01 32K 
 Does Creativity Breed Inequality in Cities? | Innovation | Smithsonian.pdf2017-05-03 17:35 484K 
 Does Education make you happy.pdf2010-02-22 06:11 67K 
 Does higher unemployment.pdf2009-08-13 12:55 84K 
 Dolce Mag.pdf2012-09-07 14:44 445K 
 Do smarter workers work less.pdf2010-04-13 11:42 202K 
 Downtown going from working class to creative class.pdf2008-12-12 12:30 20K 
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 Dream Believe Write review.pdf2013-11-19 11:04 62K 
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 ECE Florida Knudsen Stolarick Chapter 3 UPDATED FINAL.docx2010-11-29 20:51 87K 
 EOS journal Vitamin ACPM.pdf2008-09-24 12:53 887K 
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 Each person should find their dream in Barrie.pdf2008-10-29 12:16 27K 
 Eat, pray, love at the library.pdf2008-06-16 22:00 18K 
 EconDev_Theory_Syllabus.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 175K 
 Economic Development Quarterly-2014-Florida-196-205.pdf2014-07-17 10:53 314K 
 Economic Development for the New Economy.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 1.1M 
 Economic Expert Richard Florida to Keynote NAB Show.pdf2009-03-30 19:01 92K 
 Economic Geography of Talent.pdf2009-05-27 21:06 1.0M 
 Economic Sparring Match Turns to Meeting of Minds.pdf2007-01-15 16:27 69K 
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 Economic_Restructuring.pdf2007-08-12 19:43 9.4M 
 Economic prosperity requires a plan.pdf2008-06-05 16:58 23K 
 Economists predict economic recession to approach severity of Great Depression.pdf2009-03-01 14:34 21K 
 Edge Perspectives with John Hagel - The Great Reset.pdf2010-06-16 12:45 64K 
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 Editorial wanted creative connectors.pdf2009-02-13 12:42 18K 
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 Education Village part of creative economy CAO.pdf2009-02-21 13:58 20K 
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 Eight Shocking Quotes from 2012 that will Redefine Our Future.pdf2013-01-07 13:12 1.0M 
 El Pais.pdf2018-11-16 12:41 284K 
 Elemento - Whos Your City review.pdf2008-05-22 01:28 153K 
 El urbanismo social.pdf2008-09-14 19:12 16K 
 Emergent_Cities.pdf2007-03-26 01:26 357K 
 Encourage renting and mobility to reduce sprawl.pdf2009-02-25 10:32 60K 
 Endnotes, Richard Florida and the Spiky World.pdf2008-03-10 08:16 19K 
 Engineering a better jobs outlook - Rockford, IL - Rockford R...pdf2008-03-31 12:57 32K 
 Enterprises_et_politique_fiscale.pdf2007-08-12 20:02 3.5M 
 Entrepreneurship_Creativity_and_Regional_Development.pdf2007-05-29 16:05 421K 
 Europe_in_the_Creative_Age_2004.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 798K 
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 FINAL LE MIAMI REPORT.pdf2016-04-20 16:57 14M 
 FIU and Richard Florida launch initiative to boost art.pdf2015-01-26 14:30 57K 
 FIU launches the FIU Miami Creative City Initiative in partnership with the Creative Class Group.pdf2015-01-26 14:36 51K 
 FT Amazon.pdf2017-10-25 13:16 200K 
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 FT Detroit shows way to beat inner city blues.pdf2013-04-10 12:38 76K 
 FT How recession.pdf2010-04-29 11:56 22K 
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 FT The inchoate rage beneath our global cities.pdf2011-08-18 10:09 37K 
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 Fast Company The 25 Hour Work Week, And Other Radical Ideas For Better Employee Productivity.pdf2013-08-13 09:52 279K 
 Fast Company The 25 Hour Work Week, And Other Radical Ideas For Better Employee Productivity.pdf.pdf2013-08-14 09:00 284K 
 Fast Company The Case For On Site Day Care.pdf2014-10-01 11:10 57K 
 Fast Company Unconventional Ideas For Using Empty Office Buildings.pdf2015-02-02 12:08 81K 
 Fast Company VAlues.pdf2011-03-22 13:27 69K 
 Fast Company What Your Employees Really Want For The Holidays.pdf2014-12-19 08:26 91K 
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 FastCompany_March_2008_In_Praise_of_Spikes_excerpt.pdf2008-02-13 13:08 2.9M 
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 Fifteen years after defining the U.S. u...a look at its dark side | Miami Herald.pdf2017-05-03 17:32 955K 
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 Financial Post - Wealthy Boomer - The Great Reset and the future of Tor-Mon-tawa, Canada.pdf2010-07-15 11:35 496K 
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 Financial recovery needs a massively different mindset.pdf2008-12-01 11:33 21K 
 Financiers of Innovation.pdf2008-12-28 20:03 814K 
 Find Your Happy Place.pdf2008-09-08 10:26 84K 
 First Friday Book Synopsis - Interview with Richard Florida.pdf2010-04-17 11:17 226K 
 First Friday Book Synopsis - Richard Florida's Perspectives on U.S. educational system.pdf2010-03-16 12:10 74K 
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 Florida's Future.pdf2008-09-08 18:12 283K 
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 Forbes Budapest Event The Creative Economy And The Kardashianization Of Society An Interview With Richard Florida.pdf2015-06-10 14:25 183K 
 Forbes How the Suburbs Highlight the Divide.pdf2014-12-17 08:22 145K 
 Forbes NUC.pdf2017-09-27 09:38 385K 
 Forbes Richard Florida Economic Trends All Entrepreneurs Should Follow.pdf2014-02-20 09:02 136K 
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 Forbes invest in cities.pdf2017-11-14 10:17 299K 
 Foreign_Direct_R&D_Investment_in_the United_States.pdf2007-04-12 03:24 343K 
 Forethought-A survey of ideas, trends, people and practices on the business horizon.pdf2008-02-22 14:08 313K 
 Former Bankers turn to Creative Plan B.pdf2008-12-28 19:20 46K 
 Fort St John article.pdf2013-10-03 18:16 82K 
 Free Market Mojo - The American Fitness Index.pdf2010-06-16 12:47 663K 
 Free Market Mojo - Working Smarter, Not Harder Brings in the Dough.pdf2010-04-16 14:26 271K - Its all about location.pdf2008-04-13 16:36 254K 
 From gays to Nerdistan, authors point the write way to succes...pdf2008-08-07 09:42 15K 
 GEOFF SCHUMACHER Unfinished business.pdf2009-02-21 13:51 21K 
 GOOD - You Are Where You Live, What Makes a Perfect Neighborhhood.pdf2010-04-21 21:31 142K 
 Gaining from Green Management.pdf2007-08-02 02:48 5.7M 
 Gambling away our cities.pdf2012-11-26 13:00 124K 
 Gary Hamel.pdf2008-12-14 13:08 60K 
 Gay marriage is a blessing for economy - San Francisco Busine...pdf2008-06-29 12:12 42K 
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 Globe and Mail - Social Science The Creative Voter, Obama and the class question.pdf2008-03-29 14:30 177K 
 Globe and Mail - The days of urban sprawl are over.pdf2008-07-12 15:26 129K 
 Globe and Mail Look out Canada, too, could catch the riot virus.pdf2011-08-24 14:19 101K 
 Globe and Mail Op Ed.pdf2020-04-03 09:48 445K 
 Globe and Mail Rana Floridas advice.pdf2013-10-01 11:14 84K 
 Globe and Mail Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during a debate on a proposed casino.pdf2013-05-20 10:47 84K 
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 Goverment as Venture Capitalist--Not 1994.doc2007-07-11 15:25 31K 
 Grains of sand.pdf2009-03-30 10:27 394K 
 Grand Rapids � Rapid Growth - An Interview with Richard Florida.pdf2008-03-27 14:52 173K 
 Great Reset Manifesto.pdf2010-05-06 12:54 523K 
 Great Reset NYC Paper Final July 15.pdf2015-07-28 09:19 2.7M 
 Great cities speed up.pdf2008-10-01 07:41 22K 
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 HGTV Creative Entertaining Throw a Beach Blast.pdf2013-06-21 12:22 879K 
 HGTV Creative Spaces Kate & David Daniels and One of Canadas Most Notable Art Deco Homes Part I.pdf2013-05-15 13:47 945K 
 HGTV Creative Spaces Kate & David Daniels and Their Art Deco Home Part II.pdf2013-05-15 14:07 1.0M 
 HGTV Throw A PicnicThemed Burger Bash.pdf2013-08-16 08:44 1.2M 
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 HP Holiday Party.pdf2016-12-01 12:36 134K 
 HP It\'s Time for Leaders to Lead.pdf2013-07-14 17:29 119K 
 HP Lessons From Other Cities at Detroits Global City Forum.pdf2015-06-10 14:05 121K 
 HP New Research Show the Future of Miami is Bright.pdf2016-06-27 12:46 246K 
 HP President Obama is surely one of the best presidents America has ever had.pdf2016-11-29 12:29 178K 
 HP Stop Sign.pdf2017-09-21 09:31 184K 
 HP Time for Leaders to Lead.pdf2014-07-30 14:40 119K 
 HP Trump.pdf2016-11-14 12:10 205K 
 HP Trump got you down.pdf2016-12-14 12:31 291K 
 HP Want World Peace Focus on Two Simple Things.pdf2015-02-04 12:54 148K 
 HP Watch CREATE Detroits Inaugural Ideas Fest on City Building.pdf2015-07-14 13:54 372K 
 HP What I Would Change About Mayors in Canada.pdf2013-06-25 08:09 69K 
 HP Why Is Shopping Online in Canada So Difficult.pdf2013-05-15 18:57 67K 
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 Home ownership is overrated.pdf2010-06-16 12:52 33K 
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 Housing-Financial-Markets-Richard-Florida.pdf2008-01-25 15:25 187K 
 Housing_in_US_Fordism.pdf2016-03-14 09:01 1.5M 
 How Important is the Urban Vote and What Does the Furture of Urban America Look Like.pdf2009-02-19 11:17 67K 
 How Japanese Industry Is Rebuilding The Rust Belt.pdf2007-04-03 03:20 180K 
 How Rob Ford�s Pride snub hurts the city of Toronto.pdf2012-04-23 20:15 50K 
 How Rob Fords Pride snub hurts the city of Toronto.pdf2012-04-23 20:16 50K 
 How Will Our Economic Transformation Change Our Political Geography.pdf2009-02-23 21:43 38K 
 How low can it go.pdf2009-02-19 11:42 27K 
 How the Creative Economy is Making Where to ...pdf2008-03-11 13:22 33K 
 How the Financial Crisis Is Good for New York.pdf2009-02-16 10:40 78K 
 Huff Post Detroit.pdf2012-09-04 13:28 953K 
 Huffington Post Creative Entertaining Beach Blast.pdf2013-06-07 13:11 3.7M 
 Huffington Post Creative Spaces Miami.pdf2011-12-06 11:08 553K 
 Huffington Post Creative Spaces New Lives for Abandoned Buildings.pdf2011-12-14 13:55 381K 
 Huffington Post Holiday Out of Office Message.pdf2014-12-19 12:41 199K 
 Huffinton Post Hilary.pdf2016-02-11 09:13 107K 
 Human Capital in Cities and Suburbs.pdf2011-05-26 19:28 562K 
 Human history has not seen change like this.pdf2009-11-18 07:21 74K 
 I've Read.pdf2008-03-03 10:07 82K 
 INC How to Harness the Power of We.pdf2013-10-03 13:40 106K 
 If New York Wins.pdf2009-04-13 21:51 34K 
 If we make it attractive, they will come.doc2008-01-14 08:57 32K 
 If you want to succeed, live where the brightest in your fiel...pdf2008-08-01 10:23 22K 
 In an ideas economy, cities must attract creative class.pdf2008-05-13 14:49 27K 
 Inc Russia.pdf2018-11-16 09:39 1.0M 
 Individual Identity vs the financial crisis.pdf2008-10-06 20:37 21K 
 Indus Russia Article Interview.pdf2016-06-03 10:10 625K 
 Industry and the Academy.pdf2007-08-02 03:31 5.7M 
 Indy lacks tolerance.pdf2013-04-22 13:34 42K 
 Ingenuity is Revolutionizing the Global Economy Richard Florida tells ULI Europe.pdf2012-06-12 10:28 55K 
 Innovation Is Everywhere But What Does It Mean.pdf2014-09-29 12:30 182K 
 Inside_the_Black_Box_of_Regional_Development.pdf2007-04-09 14:53 1.0M 
 Inside the black box.pdf2009-05-27 11:02 1.0M 
 Institute seeking catalysts to aid economy.pdf2009-07-15 13:31 20K 
 Intellectual Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas.pdf2010-06-15 14:59 30K 
 International Architecture Design Prophets of the City.pdf2008-10-27 21:27 1.5M 
 Interview with Richard Florida.pdf2008-12-02 14:52 633K 
 In the Coraline Economy we trust.pdf2009-03-02 18:22 18K 
 Ireland Review.pdf2010-10-20 11:53 3.0M 
 IrelandReview.pdf2010-11-29 19:40 1.1M 
 IrishTimes.pdf2018-11-15 14:24 2.5M 
 Is Suburbia Turning into Slumburbia.pdf2008-03-14 13:24 23K 
 Is homeownership an obstacle to change.pdf2009-02-23 21:35 20K 
 Is owning a home overrated.pdf2010-06-07 13:48 56K 
 Is the key to Las Vegas� future bohemianism.pdf2012-02-07 14:39 94K 
 It's the creative economy stupid.pdf2010-10-19 16:39 18K 
 It Wasn't About the Economy Stupid.pdf2010-11-05 13:38 85K 
 Italy article.pdf2009-04-19 19:14 26K 
 Italy in the Creative Age (Italian Version).pdf2007-11-26 20:35 2.0M 
 Italy in the Creative Age.pdf2007-11-26 20:34 1.2M 
 Jacksonville Richard Florida Converting creativity into economic development.pdf2012-11-13 12:24 66K 
 Jacobin.pdf2014-10-21 11:04 305K 
 Jane Jacobs article.pdf2016-11-17 14:04 378K 
 Japan's California Factories.pdf2007-08-13 16:15 1.2M 
 Japanese Liberty Magazine.pdf2015-02-26 10:13 2.0M 
 Jeanna Mastro Who's Your Ctiy.pdf2008-11-02 16:27 24K 
 Jesse Shapiro Human Capital.pdf2006-08-17 04:00 274K 
 Jimi Hendrix.pdf2009-10-05 07:48 24K 
 Jobs and the Environment.pdf2007-06-06 08:21 763K 
 Jon Talton _ Seattle finds itself at the crossroads as the Gr...pdf2009-03-01 14:57 17K 
 Judges.pdf2016-06-01 11:08 6.1M 
 June 14 article.pdf2011-06-15 13:35 616K 
 Kansas City Star article.pdf2016-11-07 09:28 233K 
 Kathie Lee & Hoda Rana Florida�s Upgrade and When to Let Friends Go.pdf2013-08-13 12:01 78K 
 Keep Government Out of Venture Capital.pdf2006-11-01 03:00 1.5M 
 Keep_Government_Out_of_Venture_Capital.pdf2007-08-12 19:48 5.2M 
 Keeping Portland unique.pdf2008-06-05 10:24 17K 
 Ken Gray Who's Your Ottawa.pdf2008-06-23 15:57 54K 
 Kevin Riley Creative Region Initiatives.pdf2008-04-28 09:44 18K 
 Kevin Riley Young, creative types could be most powerful people in town.pdf2009-02-21 13:36 105K 
 Knight Foundation Richard Florida on driving success in cities.pdf2014-09-23 14:07 265K 
 Knowledge-Intensive_Capitalism.pdf2007-08-12 19:53 11M 
 Kommersant.pdf2009-02-16 14:32 132K 
 Korea Maeil Business Newspaper.pdf2013-06-20 11:29 231K 
 Kotkins_Fallacies.pdf2007-06-05 10:52 87K 
 Kultur Austausch - Thursday, May 15, 2008.pdf2008-05-22 01:18 694K 
 LA Times - Whos Your City.pdf2008-04-13 12:29 35K 
 LA Times Op Ed Want to deplete your tax base Give job creators what they want.pdf2014-09-16 10:43 93K 
 LA reported.pdf2009-06-17 16:29 42K 
 LV Sun Creativity, strong support system make for thriving city.pdf2012-02-10 08:57 55K 
 LV Sun Our success may hinge on embracing a bohemian philosophy.pdf2012-02-10 09:17 33K 
 La Contra.pdf2010-08-04 13:34 277K 
 Lady Gaga.pdf2011-01-20 12:42 51K 
 Le Monde.pdf2018-11-15 14:35 283K 
 Leaders and laggards.pdf2009-04-13 21:34 41K 
 Leadership for the creative class.pdf2009-12-03 12:29 28K 
 Leading the world with unique culture-new kyoto.doc2008-01-14 09:02 52K 
 Leap Into the Lake Review.pdf2014-03-26 11:01 256K 
 Let's get creative.doc2008-01-14 09:04 29K 
 Lets_Get_Creative.pdf2007-04-07 12:08 77K 
 Library Hot New Book.pdf2013-09-16 12:14 101K 
 Linking Pittsburghers Far and Wide with the Digital Tools.pdf2008-03-17 17:14 17K 
 Little Book of Wonders.pdf2016-01-12 08:22 5.2M 
 Living smart program.pdf2008-06-25 11:15 77K 
 Location Location.pdf2008-03-25 17:59 17K 
 Looking at the recession as an opportunity.pdf2008-12-14 12:55 41K 
 Losing_Our_Edge.doc2008-01-14 09:55 33K 
 Luxury Travel Blog.pdf2014-07-09 09:18 118K 
 MIT Tech Review.pdf2017-06-20 11:52 485K 
 MIT World�s Most Influential Thinkers Revealed.pdf2013-08-20 08:34 115K 
 MIT Worlds Most Influential Thinker.pdf2013-08-20 08:35 115K 
 ML Don\'t lower dating standards.pdf2013-07-26 18:04 1.7M 
 ML Dont lower dating standards.pdf2013-07-26 18:11 1.7M 
 ML Find ways to help your sister destress.pdf2013-07-26 18:04 1.7M 
 ML Ford.pdf2013-07-26 18:14 1.5M 
 ML Ford line worker.pdf2013-07-26 18:13 1.5M 
 ML Her exotic vacation spots.pdf2013-07-26 18:06 1.5M 
 ML Put a muzzle on it.pdf2013-07-26 18:04 1.3M 
 ML Should she meet e-mail pal.pdf2013-07-26 18:05 1.6M 
 ML Tell dirty-talking co-worker.pdf2013-07-26 18:05 1.5M 
 ML Tell dirty talking co worker.pdf2013-07-26 18:10 1.5M 
 ML What\'s more important.pdf2013-07-26 18:05 1.8M 
 ML Whats more important.pdf2013-07-26 18:10 1.8M 
 ML Whenever she gets too close.pdf2013-07-26 18:06 1.6M 
 ML Wife wants nanny.pdf2013-07-26 18:06 1.8M 
 ML introduction piece.pdf2013-08-05 12:46 178K 
 MM34side12-14_MandagMorgen.pdf2011-10-12 09:58 173K 
 MP Del Mastro's rail link push backed by new study.pdf2009-01-06 21:40 17K 
 MPI Building-65-Million-Good-Jobs.pdf2017-09-05 09:45 7.3M 
 Madame Figaro.pdf2012-02-06 13:49 728K 
 Madison360.pdf2012-11-02 14:02 149K 
 Make Capital Region.pdf2009-05-08 14:07 15K 
 Make capital region that desirable place.pdf2009-05-04 10:00 19K 
 Malloy City draws creative workers.pdf2008-04-11 08:25 27K 
 Management Book article.pdf2013-09-09 11:48 75K 
 Management en Literatuur.pdf2009-11-04 06:47 27K 
 Manager magazin.pdf2010-10-26 11:22 50K 
 Managing Creative People To Keep Juices Flowing.pdf2009-06-26 16:50 20K 
 Manchester gets high marks.pdf2008-03-09 20:00 35K 
 March 1 article.pdf2011-04-13 11:20 371K 
 March 6, 2012 article.pdf2012-03-06 16:03 464K 
 March 15 article.pdf2011-04-13 11:22 759K 
 March 29 article.pdf2011-04-13 11:25 658K 
 Market Watch.pdf2014-07-22 08:37 90K 
 Marketer News _ Kids choosing �experiences� over big homes, s...pdf2009-11-16 07:04 19K 
 Marketplace Resetting the Way We Live.pdf2011-08-24 14:31 130K 
 Markets Insider.pdf2017-12-11 09:03 233K 
 May 10 article.pdf2011-05-10 14:01 911K 
 May 31 article.pdf2011-05-31 13:12 254K 
 McGraw Hill Business Blog.pdf2013-08-20 09:22 104K 
 McKinsey article.pdf2014-01-07 09:03 156K 
 Medium.pdf2016-12-05 13:53 528K 
 Medium Torontos deadly car crisis.pdf2018-11-15 14:02 486K 
 Mega regions we're in a world's 2nd largest economy.pdf2008-09-01 20:51 16K 
 Mellander Florida Stolarick (2011) Here to Stay.pdf2011-01-28 10:49 254K 
 Memphis Commercial Appeal - Memphis' Source for News and Information_ Business.pdf2007-07-23 20:24 392K 
 Metropolis Magazine The Year In Review.pdf2014-01-06 12:20 8.7M 
 Miami Herald.pdf2012-08-24 11:27 77K 
 Miami Herald Article Are Miami and South Florida losing their best and brightest college grads to brain drain.pdf2019-08-23 11:05 198K 
 Miami Herald Chamber Event Article.pdf2016-01-22 09:40 133K 
 Miami Herald Op Ed.pdf2016-06-16 09:32 372K 
 Miami Herald Oppenheimer.pdf2016-02-08 11:04 71K 
 Miami Herald Traffic.pdf2016-06-16 09:39 266K 
 Miami Herald Traffic woes, income gap threaten Miami’s emergence as global city.pdf2016-06-16 09:38 266K 
 Miami Herald article.pdf2018-02-06 09:49 213K 
 Miami New Times Article.pdf2016-06-20 13:25 535K 
 Michipreneur.pdf2015-06-24 11:41 134K 
 Microsoft Dynamics.pdf2013-11-12 14:11 113K 
 Midlands Voices.pdf2013-03-11 11:58 40K 
 Midwesterners Extroverted, Conscientious, Agreeable.pdf2008-05-07 18:22 19K 
 Milwakee.pdf2009-07-23 13:25 28K 
 MoCo Loco Who's Your City.pdf2008-04-07 13:22 295K 
 Montreal.pdf2009-04-13 11:18 23K 
 More megas.pdf2009-05-15 13:46 316K 
 Morning Post Exchange Article.pdf2016-06-20 13:20 177K 
 Morris 5 star review.pdf2010-04-27 13:34 32K 
 Mother Nature Network.pdf2013-10-01 10:30 209K 
 Mount Laurell II.pdf2008-01-25 15:25 156K 
 Moved Away Atlantic Canada Needs You.pdf2008-09-06 08:59 7.3M 
 Music Clusters.pdf2008-07-06 07:56 377K 
 Music Clusters fix tmp.pdf2008-07-06 07:56 377K 
 Music Scenes to Music Clusters.pdf2014-04-16 10:50 1.3M 
 Music and the creative class.pdf2009-06-03 12:08 31K 
 My View of The Great Reset by Richard Florida.pdf2010-07-19 13:40 52K 
 My best address book.pdf2014-04-24 11:55 1.7M 
 NB needs more creative people.pdf2008-10-01 07:20 40K 
 NPR Are We Ready For A Massive Aging Population.pdf2013-08-27 09:13 66K 
 NPR Cities Must Strategize To Boost Service Workers.pdf2013-02-07 12:34 68K 
 NUC Het Parool.pdf2017-05-11 09:07 232K 
 NY Daily News.pdf2018-11-16 10:54 373K 
 NY Daily News How to create good new NYC jobs for all.pdf2014-07-07 12:26 106K 
 NYP After the great reset.pdf2010-04-19 07:03 36K 
 NYT.pdf2011-01-11 09:11 636K 
 NYT Cities Are the Fonts of Creativity.pdf2013-09-17 10:50 69K 
 NYT Federations of Neighborhoods.pdf2013-12-04 10:10 110K 
 NYT Is Life Better in America�s Red States.pdf2015-01-05 10:26 178K 
 NYT Is Life Better in Americas Red States.pdf2015-01-05 10:26 178K 
 NYT Mobility Is Prevented by a Class and Skill Divide.pdf2013-07-30 12:46 46K 
 NYT Rich.pdf2017-11-16 12:33 786K 
 NYT The Urban Revival is Over.pdf2017-09-01 09:10 236K 
 NYT They’re Rich but Trying to Reach Beyond the Money Bubble.pdf2017-11-16 12:31 786K 
 NYU.pdf2012-11-08 14:37 57K 
 NYU Renowned Urbanist Richard Florida Named as One of the World.pdf2013-08-20 08:29 56K 
 NYU We need a new urban national policy.pdf2015-07-16 09:51 398K 
 NY women in communications twitter chat.pdf2013-10-01 11:54 169K 
 NZZ.pdf2017-10-10 11:34 242K 
 National Geo.pdf2013-04-17 13:56 1.3M 
 National Geographic - Richard Florida.pdf2011-06-01 12:42 535K 
 National Journal 5 Strategies to Increase Diversity in Urban Tech Scenes.pdf2012-12-19 10:43 238K 
 National Post - Richard Florida goes to city hall, quotes Karl Marx.pdf2009-05-19 21:01 1.8M 
 National Post- The Afterword - Spring book highlights- Poised for publishing.pdf2010-03-16 12:17 223K 
 National Post-passing of the torch.pdf2007-07-23 20:19 406K 
 National Post.pdf2013-10-09 10:54 188K 
 National Post City Life.pdf2013-11-25 10:04 1.0M 
 National Post Shinan.pdf2013-09-19 10:53 186K 
 Natl business book award.pdf2011-04-19 12:42 21K 
 Nature.pdf2017-10-19 10:54 337K 
 Navarra International Declaration on Talent.pdf2009-03-17 11:41 17K - Keys to success- Talent, technology and tolerance.pdf2010-06-16 12:39 73K 
 New-Reality-Municipal-Finance-Intergovern.pdf2008-01-25 15:26 154K 
 New Statesman.pdf2017-09-25 10:51 247K 
 New Ways of Living and Working Will Drive Post-Crash Prosperity � with Richard Florida, Author �The Rise of the Creative Class�.pdf2010-10-11 13:49 91K 
 New York's Creativity (Aug.2005).doc2007-07-11 15:15 30K 
 New York Post urban legends.pdf2008-04-06 21:10 25K 
 Next Big Thing.png2013-11-06 19:45 196K 
 Next City.pdf2014-07-18 12:13 142K 
 Next City Looking Beyond.pdf2014-10-01 09:09 240K 
 No_Monopoly_On_Creativity.pdf2007-08-12 19:19 928K 
 No ivory tower on this campus.doc2008-01-12 11:02 41K 
 Noosa News 02 06 2009 Change of name is a Sunshine Coast merger (2).pdf2009-06-04 07:23 517K 
 Noosa News 24 6 08.pdf2008-06-24 08:40 81K 
 Noosa_Talented_and_Creative_thats_us.pdf2008-03-05 17:48 208K 
 Noosa news2009-06-04 07:16 517K 
 North Country.pdf2010-04-27 12:29 26K 
 North Shore News Closing the wage gap key to community.pdf2016-09-18 10:28 261K 
 Norwegian article.pdf2012-08-28 10:59 336K 
 Norweigan review GR.pdf2010-08-05 15:52 32K 
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 Now Jobs are moving to people.pdf2008-11-14 07:24 15K 
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 On Creative Mythmaking.pdf2008-09-08 11:23 39K 
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 Ontario Government.pdf2008-12-15 18:48 52K 
 Ontario in the Creative Age.pdf2009-05-27 10:55 1.2M 
 Opinion How People, Places Can Shape Economic Growth.pdf2012-04-10 11:37 91K 
 Or LA is on the upswing.pdf2009-02-25 13:40 32K 
 Oregon Live Front Porch.pdf2008-04-06 21:06 18K 
 Organizational_Factors_and_Technology-Intensive_Industry.pdf .pdf2007-07-17 17:19 2.6M 
 Orte.pdf2008-08-11 12:54 759K 
 Other Countries Money.pdf2007-08-02 03:29 106K 
 Ottawa �world leader� of new economy.pdf2009-02-14 14:34 16K 
 Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa lags U.S. cities in wedding culture, business.pdf2009-11-03 06:42 81K 
 Ottawa Citizen.pdf2010-07-07 13:41 278K 
 Ottawa flint.pdf2009-05-15 14:35 19K 
 Ottawa world leader of new economy.pdf2009-02-14 14:35 16K 
 Our Opinion Take a bow; back to work.pdf2010-06-01 11:03 18K 
 Our Windsor Richard Florida and Greg Spencer.pdf2016-09-14 12:57 228K 
 Our economic future is not ...pdf2010-06-28 07:29 29K 
 Outcomes from the other ideas summit 08:24 42K 
 Out with the old - NYPOST.pdf2010-06-21 11:35 35K 
 PEN IUR.pdf2016-03-16 11:37 191K 
 PR Newswire.pdf2017-12-11 08:58 217K 
 PR Newswire Article.pdf2018-02-06 09:43 359K 
 PR Newswire Miami Ranks First in the US for Foreign Born Residents and International Cargo .pdf2018-11-15 13:43 73K 
 PR Newswire Miami Startups Receive 1.3 Billion in Venture Capital 8th in the U.S. .pdf2018-11-15 11:33 90K 
 PR Newswire Miami\'s Population and GDP Gains Outpace the National Average, While Its Business Growth.pdf2018-11-15 11:00 137K 
 PR Newswire Miamis Population and GDP Gains Outpace the National Average While Its Business Growth.pdf2018-11-15 11:21 137K 
 PR Newswire Richard Florida, Renowned Urbanist Appointed Global Research Professor at NYU.pdf2012-07-20 10:44 45K 
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 PR Wire Press Release.pdf2016-06-16 09:48 221K 
 Pagosa Daily Post Every Town has Something to Offer.pdf2013-03-07 12:19 48K 
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 People Who Can Rebuild A City.pdf2007-04-02 17:55 53K 
 Peri and Ottavanio, Rethinking Immigrations Effect.pdf2006-08-17 04:00 540K 
 Perth_City_on_the_Edge.pdf2007-01-15 16:49 59K 
 Pg93Rana Fall 2013.pdf2013-10-02 14:15 151K 
 Philips launches.pdf2010-05-25 12:02 30K 
 Phoenix Focus.png2014-05-05 12:21 1.1M 
 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Now Opinion - Creative Politics.pdf2008-05-10 17:48 528K 
 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Stop the corporate extortion.pdf2014-09-22 11:42 75K 
 Pittsburgh The Base Case Turns the Corner.pdf2013-07-29 10:24 116K 
 Pittsburgh post gazette creative politics.pdf2008-04-06 21:14 129K 
 Place + Happiness = Portland Prosperity (pp).pdf2008-05-03 12:56 36K 
 Place Happy Oregon Live.pdf2008-04-28 08:33 20K 
 Planetizen - Top 100 Urban Thinkers.pdf2009-09-21 20:15 378K 
 Planetizen.pdf2008-12-01 11:23 34K 
 Planetizen RF.pdf2017-10-10 09:46 394K 
 Planner_ Vegas not so great now, but has potential - Las Vega...pdf2008-03-31 08:30 17K 
 Planning guru holds out some hope for Vegas.pdf2009-03-06 08:27 18K 
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 Politico.pdf2017-10-10 10:38 625K 
 Politico Welcome to Blueburbia.pdf2013-11-14 09:12 688K 
 Pop City - Q&A with Richard Florida_ Who's Your City_.pdf2008-04-02 08:32 218K 
 Porter.pdf2013-09-04 10:19 957K 
 Portugal 'Mentalidade antiquada' prejudica Portugal, diz economista.pdf2008-05-22 01:41 8.3K 
 Portugal Not�cias Richard Florida.pdf2008-05-22 01:38 743K 
 Positive Elementary School Counseling blog review.pdf2013-09-12 11:34 76K 
 Post depression landscape.pdf2009-02-16 10:28 26K 
 Powerful' KCCI changing city life.pdf2008-06-02 23:42 49K 
 Prague forum stresses economic potential of culture.pdf2009-04-13 22:00 71K 
 Praxix Are you steering or in steerage.pdf2013-10-16 11:58 67K 
 Press of Atlantic City.pdf2012-11-05 18:46 40K 
 Professor says.pdf2010-11-17 13:34 36K 
 Progress Feature - Your Are Here.pdf2009-07-22 12:14 1.5M 
 Prologue.pdf2014-06-04 14:16 148K 
 Property-opt.pdf2012-11-05 01:13 1.6M 
 Prosperity index gives portland area high marks.pdf2008-06-05 16:53 19K 
 Province.pdf2008-10-01 07:26 51K 
 Psychiatory as NY.pdf2009-02-16 14:43 22K 
 Psychiatry as New York�s counter-cyclical industry.pdf2009-02-16 14:42 22K 
 Q&A Richard Florida - US News and World Report.pdf2008-02-14 21:08 84K 
 Q&A_ 'Creative Class' author on Austin � blog _ Austin Business Journal.pdf2010-11-29 20:29 30K 
 Q and A with EBN Congress speaker Dr Richard Florida.pdf2013-05-29 11:48 70K 
 Quartz.pdf2016-10-14 11:03 258K 
 Quartz Americans are leaving their biggest metros.pdf2014-05-27 11:25 614K 
 Quinta-feira (Portugal).doc2008-05-22 01:31 41K 
 Quinta-feira 17 Abril 2008 �O Guru das Cidades Criativas�.pdf2008-05-22 01:46 146K 
 RED_Verlagsbeilage_Florida.pdf2014-11-05 10:42 509K 
 REIT.pdf2012-04-09 13:08 421K 
 RF Huffington Post Casinos Are City Ruiners.pdf2013-04-17 11:33 83K 
 RF leaves mark on naples.pdf2009-05-22 13:01 19K 
 RICHARD FLORIDA It\'s Up To The Cities To Bring America Back.pdf2012-02-01 13:17 94K 
 Raine RR.pdf2012-07-03 11:24 353K 
 Rana Big Magazine.pdf2012-01-18 12:50 350K 
 Rana Florida HP How to Throw a Winning Election Night Party.pdf2013-05-09 08:51 1.1M 
 Rana Florida Instagram Struts Down the Runway.pdf2013-03-07 12:26 261K 
 Rana Florida Shame On Us America.pdf2012-12-19 10:57 319K 
 Rana Florida Style Profile2.pdf2015-05-13 14:32 4.4M 
 Rana Florida The Legacy Project.pdf2015-09-08 10:35 727K 
 Rana Florida_ 7 Tips That Will Guarantee Your Vacation Request Is Approved.pdf2013-07-14 16:06 87K 
 Rana Go Wild.pdf2013-05-20 10:59 772K 
 Rana Le Travelist.pdf2013-09-05 12:08 3.8M 
 Rana Miami Herald piece.pdf2020-03-30 09:23 278K 
 Rana Small Business Computing How to Upgrade Your Business.pdf2013-08-01 07:46 47K 
 Rana Understanding the Creative Class.png2012-04-09 12:54 1.4M 
 Rana evergreen brickworks.pdf2013-05-20 10:56 324K 
 Rapid Growth an Interview with Richard Florida.pdf2008-03-27 14:54 177K 
 Reading List Success article.pdf2013-08-09 15:52 235K 
 Ready reset go.pdf2010-05-15 16:27 44K 
 Recapo Kathie Lee and Hoda.pdf2013-08-13 12:02 78K 
 Recent and Recommended.pdf2008-03-23 21:49 14K 
 Recession Devastates Disadvantaged Neighborhoods.pdf2012-11-26 12:34 545K 
 Recession recovery.pdf2010-07-14 12:26 35K 
 Reducir.pdf2011-09-01 16:17 1.3M 
 Regions and Universities Together Can Foster - Chron of Higher Ed.pdf2007-02-20 14:35 134K 
 Regions and Universities Together Can Foster a Creative Economy.doc2006-11-14 17:38 80K 
 Region suffers from brain drain.pdf2009-04-27 21:15 19K 
 Regulation has Little to do with Innovation.pdf2007-06-06 08:22 425K 
 Rent out the american dream.pdf2009-03-10 07:42 27K 
 Report London's future.pdf2009-02-14 13:17 18K 
 Resetting economy, society and the world.pdf2010-06-26 10:02 38K 
 Reshaping America and whre portland fits in.pdf2009-02-13 13:07 18K 
 ResponsetoGlaeser.pdf2007-01-11 14:23 84K 
 Restructuring_in_Place.pdf2007-05-22 10:44 708K 
 Revenge_of_the_Squelchers.pdf2007-06-14 01:03 95K 
 Revenge_of_the_Squelchers_long report.pdf2007-01-11 14:13 1.1M 
 Revenge of the Squelchers.pdf2006-12-10 15:24 186K 
 Reverse brain drain threatens U.S. economy.doc2008-01-13 21:10 40K 
 Revista.pdf2014-12-18 09:36 3.4M 
 Revista2.pdf2015-05-07 09:43 3.1M 
 Revista Fundetec n� 34.pdf2014-12-18 09:35 3.4M 
 Revista Plan Estrat�gico n�1.pdf2015-05-07 09:40 3.1M 
 Richard Creative Cities Winnipeg Free Press.pdf2013-12-05 13:49 2.4M 
 Richard Florida's take on Vancouver Poised for success except for the problem of housing costs.pdf2008-06-13 17:11 11K 
 Richard Florida, economic development expert, comes to UTA.pdf2010-11-19 12:25 23K 
 Richard Florida.doc2007-11-26 20:51 34K 
 Richard Florida.pdf2008-06-01 17:57 37K 
 Richard Florida Bloustein School Commencement Speech.pdf2014-05-19 08:44 181K 
 Richard Florida CV April 2018.pdf2018-04-25 08:53 339K 
 Richard Florida Combat the crisis with talent strategy.pdf2009-02-24 12:46 12K 
 Richard Florida Toronto needs a muscular mayor.pdf2012-12-04 13:32 59K 
 Richard Florida\'s ‘The New Urban Crisis...ks at where cities went wrong - Curbed.pdf2017-05-03 17:41 1.1M 
 Richard Florida an American in Canada.pdf2010-03-16 11:18 22K 
 Richard Florida in July-August 2008 Monocle.pdf2008-06-16 15:16 61K 
 Richard Florida on Technology, Talent, and Tolerance.docx2013-11-22 13:14 460K 
 Richard Florida on government's proper role.pdf2010-03-17 05:55 25K 
 Richard Florida on how new ways of living.pdf2010-04-19 07:16 74K 
 Richard Florida on post recession america.pdf2010-06-03 12:30 31K 
 Richard Florida on the Economic Crisis, the Great Reset and Creativity.pdf2011-10-17 12:24 68K 
 Richard Florida pushes the reset button.pdf2010-06-17 12:43 52K 
 Richard Floridas creative class 10 year later.pdf2012-07-20 13:42 1.1M 
 Richard Floridas new atlantic blog.pdf2009-05-15 13:43 118K 
 Richard Florida the crash.pdf2009-02-16 11:10 25K 
 Richard Florida to Lexington.pdf2008-08-13 13:19 39K 
 Richard Florida to visit.pdf2009-05-15 13:34 831K 
 Richard Global Creativity Index.pdf2015-10-15 10:27 4.0M 
 Richard Toronto Star The deadly mixture of guns and class in Toronto.pdf2013-03-07 12:32 284K 
 Richard_Florida_at_TrendDay_Hamburg-may_2008.pdf2008-03-03 11:53 1.1M 
 Rise-Creative-Class.pdf2008-01-30 16:24 301K 
 Rise-of-the-Global-Startup-City.pdf2017-05-12 10:28 5.2M 
 Rise_Rap.pdf2007-01-11 15:19 67K 
 Rise of the Mega-Region.pdf2007-11-06 15:37 507K 
 Rob Horowitz The Ultimate City Bohemians, Gays & Jobs.pdf2013-06-19 11:42 61K 
 Roundup Historians Take.pdf2009-02-14 13:03 14K 
 Rural Areas in a World of Mega-Regions.pdf2008-09-03 13:31 12K 
 Russia article.pdf2016-05-31 12:48 316K 
 Russias youth.pdf2008-12-28 18:20 22K 
 Rutgers mag.pdf2011-01-26 09:52 529K 
 SABO - Vi Behover en radikal forandring i hur vi bor idag- Intervju.pdf2010-06-15 13:23 1.3M 
 SF Chronicle SFs dilemma boom is pushing out those who make it desirable.pdf2014-10-01 08:53 83K 
 SOMA.pdf2009-11-18 07:27 242K 
 SPANISH V.pdf2013-05-09 13:18 145K 
 SPARK Ann Arbor event.pdf2016-11-17 13:53 231K 
 SRQ MAG - CCC.pdf2008-04-29 01:12 43K 
 Sage Journals.pdf2014-08-29 15:40 409K 
 Salon artilce Class Decides Everything.pdf2012-06-25 06:32 177K 
 Savills.pdf2017-12-15 10:32 292K 
 Schmidt City Get up off your asses!.pdf2013-02-18 13:15 109K 
 Scholar.pdf2009-04-22 10:55 21K 
 Science Guide.pdf2009-02-18 09:03 37K 
 Science Reputation.pdf2008-12-18 19:10 60K 
 Science guide how the crash.pdf2009-02-21 14:32 63K 
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 Sharon Rapoport creative connectors.pdf2009-04-15 13:40 38K 
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 Shindig.pdf2013-09-20 14:27 490K 
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 Silicon Valley Interview Richard Florida Talent loves Tolerance.pdf2013-08-16 09:15 99K 
 Silicon_Valley_Won't_Save_Us.pdf2007-08-02 04:06 1.9M 
 Sioux fall bus journal q and a.pdf2011-03-23 13:46 21K 
 Site Selection.pdf2012-10-22 12:13 118K 
 Six Things You Should Know About Future City Development.pdf2016-10-14 13:03 297K 
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 Skift LM.pdf2014-01-07 09:23 2.6M 
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 Speakers confirmed for Abu Dhabi.pdf2008-12-12 12:38 24K 
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 St. Lucia ranks as hip city for retirees.pdf2008-02-25 10:29 131K 
 St Catherines Standard.pdf2015-07-22 09:37 143K 
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 Start Up Cities Event Looks At How Miami Can Get More Talent, Tolerance And Technology.pdf2013-02-18 13:58 59K 
 Start Up City Final Report.pdf2014-03-31 05:08 7.9M 
 Start Up City Miami panelists discuss building tech hub.pdf2013-02-18 13:00 96K 
 Start Up Miami.pdf2013-01-29 11:36 66K 
 Startup-City-Canada.pdf2015-11-19 11:13 5.4M 
 Start up City Miami to bring national and local experts together for day long event.pdf2013-01-17 12:56 43K 
 Steelcase Q.pdf2011-02-28 09:49 100K 
 Steps for Finishing Library.doc2007-06-19 13:59 23K 
 Studio article.pdf2011-03-22 11:06 384K 
 Subprime Suburbs.pdf2009-05-15 13:22 539K 
 Suburban Renewal.pdf2010-10-11 13:21 594K 
 Success review.pdf2013-09-12 11:28 78K 
 Summer Reading.pdf2012-09-19 09:52 47K 
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 Superstar cities defy downturn.pdf2008-03-09 20:02 51K 
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 Sydsvenskan.pdf2010-08-30 08:27 540K 
 THE MELTDOWN.pdf2009-02-14 13:58 23K 
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 Talking with Richard Florida.pdf2008-08-07 09:35 26K 
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 Thats all you need to succeed.pdf2009-01-07 21:26 464K 
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 The Atlantic What Is the Worlds Most Economically Powerful City.pdf2013-09-27 09:34 690K 
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 The Conservative States of America.pdf2011-04-04 17:32 59K 
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 The Creative Compact.pdf2012-07-31 12:47 176K 
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 The Globe and Mail Torontos problem has grown beyond its mayor.pdf2013-11-13 12:47 48K 
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 The Great Reset and The Rational Optimist.pdf2010-05-12 11:31 48K 
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 The Washington Post Mapped How the creative class is dividing U.S. cities.pdf2014-09-29 13:18 296K 
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 The_Creative_Compact.pdf2007-03-26 01:38 148K 
 The_Distribution_of_Transfers_to_Various_Types_of_Cities.pdf2007-08-12 19:58 9.2M 
 The_Evolution_of_Research_and_Development_in_US_Industry.pdf2007-08-12 19:34 2.8M 
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 Thinkers50 2015.pdf2015-11-12 10:40 156K 
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 To be economic leader, we have to get to work.pdf2009-02-14 13:21 17K 
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 Top business books of 2010.pdf2011-01-03 14:49 77K 
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 Trendb�ro - Blog - 13th Trend Day � Keynote_ Richard Florida ...pdf2008-02-29 09:52 33K 
 Tri-State Defender online - Author says Memphis is short of workers with creativeskills.pdf2009-01-11 13:49 63K 
 Tribute to a visionary who scrutinized 'everyday life'.pdf2008-05-12 01:44 300K 
 Twin Cities Richard Florida Want to deplete your tax base Play the incentives game.pdf2014-09-26 12:46 52K 
 TwoThirds in US Falling Deeper into Financial Peril.pdf2012-11-02 14:21 44K 
 U.S. Cities with the Most.pdf2010-08-04 13:30 78K 
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 USA Today 10 great places to explore urban neighborhoods.pdf2011-08-24 14:09 128K 
 USA Today A class ridden America.pdf2012-09-13 11:36 76K 
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 US_Breakthroughs_Bested_by_Japan_Follow-Through.pdf2007-08-12 19:23 6.0M 
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 UTArlington Magazine Buidling An Urban Utopia.pdf2012-08-14 12:07 508K 
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 Understanding The Great Reset an interview with Richard Florida.pdf2012-04-05 13:43 49K 
 Universities Should Not Become Research Units of Corporations.pdf2007-08-13 13:39 82K 
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 UpgradeElleCanadaJan14.pdf2013-12-12 10:08 250K 
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 Urban Land Institute - Expect Growth in Inner-Ring Suburbs, Says ULI Demographics Panel.pdf2010-04-21 21:45 82K 
 Urban Land Institute - The Ground Floor - In Years to Come New Real Estate Development Patterns will Evolve.pdf2010-04-22 09:35 92K 
 Urban Land Institute Magazine.pdf2016-06-20 13:16 321K 
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 Urban Theorist Richard Florida Named Senior Visiting Fellow by Urban Land Institute.pdf2012-05-29 11:23 43K 
 Urban Times RR.pdf2012-07-03 11:02 1.5M 
 Urban Toronto Richard Florida looks for Intelligent Action to Address Challenges.pdf2015-11-05 09:02 52K 
 Urban_Density_Creativity_and_Innovation.pdf2007-05-14 16:36 594K 
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 Urbanophile - Review- The Great Reset by Richard Florida.pdf2010-05-11 10:11 294K 
 Urban studies author in Burlington today.pdf2009-11-17 06:25 34K 
 Utica Phoenix RF interview.pdf2013-09-23 13:58 46K 
 Utica Speaker on region�s future The best days are ahead of you.pdf2013-09-13 14:17 88K 
 Utica Urban theorist expected to focus on change during Utica visit.pdf2013-09-12 10:39 93K 
 Utterly_Baffled.pdf2007-01-11 14:30 71K 
 Vanity Fair - VF Daily - Do You Live in one of the Country's Highest-Earning Cities.pdf2010-07-15 11:20 193K 
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 Venture_Capital_Innovation_and_Economic_Development.pdf2007-08-02 10:21 4.5M 
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 WSJ For Creative Cities, the Sky Has Its Limit.pdf2012-07-31 09:30 131K 
 WSJ Mayors say no to amazon.pdf2018-02-01 12:18 394K 
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 What Happens After the Crash.pdf2009-04-02 10:32 38K 
 What Happens After the Crash peak oil news.pdf2009-04-13 21:42 20K 
 What Obama can learn from us.pdf2009-02-21 14:16 19K 
 What Startups Don't Need is Money.pdf2007-06-11 02:11 543K 
 What_Makes_Companies_Green.pdf2007-05-21 13:43 393K 
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 When small countries hit Olympic big time.pdf2010-02-26 06:48 32K 
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 Where_the_Creative_Class_Comes_From_and_Flies.pdf2007-05-17 16:40 910K 
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 Who's Your City Hometown selection can still make or break you.pdf2008-05-28 13:20 33K 
 Who's Your City How the Creative Economy is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life.pdf2008-06-03 08:25 12K 
 Who's Your City Richard Florida and The Georgraphy of Talent.pdf2008-03-27 13:48 107K 
 Who's Your City and where have all the small businesses gone.pdf2008-06-26 08:06 30K 
 Who's Your City by Richard Florida.pdf2008-08-18 13:26 31K 
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 Why do Firms Adopt Green Design - Organizational Opportunity.pdf2007-08-02 02:53 7.0M 
 Why immigrants help your city stay crime free.pdf2011-07-01 08:49 29K 
 Why making the scene makes good cents.doc2008-01-02 10:08 41K 
 Why the Creative Class Is Taking Over The World.pdf2012-07-31 09:41 101K 
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 Womens Book of the Month for September article.pdf2013-09-09 11:55 60K 
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 Worcester Named 14 Most Creative City in America.pdf2012-07-03 10:08 241K 
 Wo sollen wir leben.pdf2012-02-07 12:52 477K 
 Wuebker Acs Florida (2010) Globalization of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent.pdf2011-01-07 09:47 136K 
 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has Lost the Plot.pdf2013-02-26 13:07 145K 
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 You are where you live.pdf2009-03-26 09:57 37K 
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 Your Start Up Life 10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Workforce.pdf2013-04-10 12:54 67K 
 Your Start Up Life Artist Doesn\'t Believe in Failure.pdf2012-08-03 10:58 114K 
 Your Start Up Life Artist Doesnt Believe in Failure.pdf2012-08-03 10:59 114K 
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 Your Start Up Life Design Your Thinking.pdf2012-08-16 09:01 365K 
 Your Start Up Life Designing the Perfect Office.pdf2012-06-08 13:45 120K 
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 Your Start Up Life Dont Manage Lead.pdf2012-11-26 13:11 108K 
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 Your Start Up Life With Governor O\'Malley Never Give Up and Keep Moving Forward.pdf2012-06-18 12:25 99K 
 Your Start Up Life Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women Zaha Hadid on the Struggle to Succeed.pdf2012-06-08 13:40 459K 
 Your Start Up Life with the Woman Who Remade New York.pdf2013-02-22 09:55 506K 
 Youth Festival Noosa Journal.pdf2008-04-23 08:27 225K 
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 dameco inc - Help us Grow a Carbon Neutral Roanoke Region.pdf2009-04-09 10:46 1.0M 
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 the geographic cure.pdf2009-06-15 12:33 80K 
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