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The Flight of The Creative Class


  • “We all worry about the deficit, the competitive challenge of China and trillions of dollars in unfunded Social Security obligations. But Richard Florida’s book points to a far greater threat that policy makers and professionals need to quickly understand and–just as quickly–act upon. ‘If you read one non-fiction book this year’ is as hackneyed as it comes–but in this instance fully merited”.
    — Tom Peters
  • “Creativity has become the global gold standard for economic growth, and yet the United States seems intent on shooting itself not just in the foot, but in the brain. Richard Florida’s new book should be required reading for elected officials, policy makers, educators, business leaders—and every citizen who’s concerned about the future of this country”.
    — Alan M. Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company Magazine
  • “Richard Florida sounds a wake-up call for companies that thrive on the creativity of their employees, customers, and communities. ‘The Flight of the Creative Class’ challenges everyone – business, community, and political leaders alike – to engage and support education, technology, R&D, and community building in an effort to create a better future”.
    — Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO, SAS, a leading business intelligence software company that is consistently ranked among America’s best places to work
  • “Richard Florida has provided extraordinary insight into one of the most poorly understood problems facing the international community today. The movement of human capital, particularly the most creative and talented, from nation to nation is critically important to understanding why the future of some countries is assured and that of others doomed. A first-rate piece of work”.
    — Carl Schramm, President and CEO, The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
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