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Who’s Your City


  • “A great book”
    John Sexton, New York University President, December 2009
  • “…read Richard Florida’s stuff — which the Obama-ites in the White House love — suggesting links between cities will create mega-hubs of economic power that are the future of the continental economy.”
    Vancouver Sun, July 2009
  • “Of all of the books I’ve read by Richard Florida this has by far been the most compelling. Whether you’re a city lover, have a keen interest in our economy, or an arm-chair social scientist seeking to understand global trends then this book with give you much to ponder.”
    The Urban Loft, June 2009
  • “Best Business Seller”
    Financial Post, May 25 2009
  • “‘Who’s Your City?’ provides the first-ever rankings of cities by ‘life stage’, rating the best places for singles, young families and empty-nesters. The book shows readers how to choose where to live, and what those choices mean for their lives, happiness and communities.”
    Times Union, May 3 2009
  • “4 our of 5 stars for this engagingly written book”
    BBC Focus Magazine, May 2009
  • “Excellent book! From personal experience I agree that choice of where to live is the most important factor in one’s personal happiness.”
    Rheba Estante,, March 26 2009
  • Planetizen includes Who’s Your City in their annual list of top ten planning books.
    Planetizen, November 24, 2008
  • Named BNET Best Business Book of the Year
    BNET, November 17, 2008
  • International Best Seller List
    CEO Read, May 5th, 2008
  • Best Seller List
    The Globe and Mail, April 12th, 2008
  • Best Seller List
    Denver Post April 1st, 2008
  • ‘Best Book of the Month’
    Amazon March, 2008
  • Best Seller List
    Montreal Gazette March 30, 2008
  • International Best Seller List
    MacLeans Business Magazine March, 2008
  • Number 1 Best Seller (nonfiction)
    Amazon (Canada), March 2008
  • Best Seller List
    El Paso Times, March, 2008
  • “Passionate and thoughtful, this book is an indispensable guide to the way our cities really work. The spirit of Jane Jacobs lives on.”
    The Financial Times
  • “Richard Florida is a phenomenon. An intellectual entrepreneur … there is no academic quite like him…”
    The Globe and Mail
  • “Working with a number of collaborators, Florida musters an impressive array of evidence, tracking the experiences of a variety of demographics (twentys omethings, stroller couples, empty nesters) to tabulate which areas of the country benefit members of these groups. He concludes by offering a ten-step process. To his credit, Florida acknowledges the deleterious effects on cities of the living patterns he tracks, including gentrification and the disruption of older urban communities.”
    Mike Newirth, Time Out Chicago / Issue 160 March 20–26, 2008
  • “These are intriguing trends and Florida is an authoritative and entertaining observer. He pulls together many of the things we see around us in high street and housing markets into an illuminating narrative of demography and urban and economic development.”
    By John Gapper, The Financial Times March 19th 2008
  • “…the most entertaining chapter addresses America’s distribution of what psychologists call the ‘big five personality traits’”
    Chronicles of Higher Education, March 20th 2008
  • “…this thought-provoking and seminal work will surely be studied, not only by scholars but more importantly by consumers pondering a move. Following Florida’s advice should aid them in that quest. Highly recommended for all libraries”.
    Richard Drezen, Washington Post/NYC Bureau
  • “The world is not flat, and Richard Florida is the man to tell you why where you choose to live is more important than ever. Passionate and thoughtful, this book is an indispensable guide to the way our cities really work. The spirit of Jane Jacobs lives on.”
    Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist and author of The Logic of Life.
  • “This book says all that I could never put into words about why certain cities sing to certain people. If I could talk like Florida writes, I wouldn’t have needed a campaign staff.”
    John Hickenlooper, Mayor of the City of Denver
  • “Who’s Your City is another breakthrough idea by urban life genius Richard Florida. The power of place has everything to do with our success well beyond our own recognition. If you are contemplating a move or know someone who is, or are even vaguely interested in the idea of place as self, this book is a must read.”
    Mario Batali, Chef and Restaurateur
  • “The world is not flat. Three-dimensional ‘place’ matters more than ever, not less than before. Richard Florida gets it exactly right—again—in Who’s Your City?. As a long time advocate of Florida’s position here, I will send it to colleagues by the score!”
    Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence
  • “Richard Florida is a phenomenon. An intellectual entrepreneur…there is no academic quite like him..His first book crystallized a simple idea and introduced it, to general acceptance. …the book is an intriguing exploration of the global geography of the new urban world.”
    Joe Berridge –The Globe and Mail, March 15, 2008
  • “…the author opens up a complex, under examined subject…”
    PublishersWeekly, December 17 2007
  • “One of my all-time favorite working life books is Richard Florida’s 2002 bestseller The Rise of the Creative Class. Florida—he of the no collar workforce and Bohemian-Gay housing index fame (down, Stephen Colbert, down!)—is one of the smartest working life observers in the country. Over and over again, with great intellectual elegance, he sets it all up and then spins it forward. So it is with great glee that I announce the latest in Florida’s working life oeuvre, a new book due out from publisher Basic in March called Who’s Your City? If you think working remotely means where you live—your place—doesn’t matter anymore, Florida correctly shows us—with his trademark data and analysis—why you’re dead wrong. The books is a superb treatise on the location paradox: the idea that as the world becomes more mobile, the more decisive location becomes. At first it seems paradoxical. Since we can work remotely, place should hardly matter, right? The world if flat. Distance is dead. But Florida shows how, in the hyper wireless world, place is exerting an even more powerful influence on happiness than ever before due to the power of agglomeration, the force of clustering and the growth of smart spots. Choosing one’s scene is becoming as important as choosing one’s spouse and career, Florida argues.We learn why San Francisco is the best city for young singles; why Washington D.C. is the best place to raise kids; and why New York City is one of the top spots for retirees. Something to look forward to!”
    Business Week, January 2, 2008
    Richard Florida Does It Again Michelle Conlin
  • From the bestselling author of “The Rise of the Creative Class” comes a brilliant new book on the surprising importance of place. “Who’s Your City?” offers the first available city rankings by life-stage, rating the best places for singles, families, and empty-nesters to
    CEO Read, March 2008
  • “Who’s Your City? is well-documented with statistics, maps and charts for the scholarly. But Florida’s down-to-earth writing and 10-step plan for choosing the place that fits best will help make deciding where to settle a most enjoyable endeavor.”
    Review by Linda Stankard, Bookpage, March 2008
  • “…it wasn’t till I read “Who’s Your City,” the new book by Richard Florida, that I grasped the global implications of what’s going on in the…real estate market.”
    Carol Lloyd, San Francisco Chronicle, March 7 2008
  • ”…he does present an impressive amount of research in arguing that place is key to personal happiness and that people have the ability to choose the place that’s right for them.”
    Peter Hadekel is a business columnist for The Gazette. March 15th 2008
  • “…Florida’s real contribution here is in providing something of a manual for successful urbanism.”
    Reviewed by Michael Dudley, Winnipeg Free Press. March 16th 2008
  • “Florida’s thesis makes a lot of sense…his easy-to-grasp concepts will increase your understanding of where you live, why it matters and what you can do to make your community better.”
  • “Florida’s work is based on extensive research, including a fascinating new study … ”
    Jon Talton, Seattle Times, April 13th, 2008
  • “…the writer is the thought-provoking intellectual Richard Florida — who claims in his new book, “Who’s Your City?,” that the selection of where to live ranks as life’s most important decision…”
    Patrick S. Duffy, Los Angeles Times, April 13th, 2008
  • “essential reading for the real estate industry in understanding how people are making decisions about where to live and why… Who’s Your City? is chocked full of meaty information – all backed by tables, graphs, survey results, and opinion polls. ”
  • “A timely and entertaining portrait of urban and economic and demographic trends.”
    Winnipeg Free Press
  • “Though Florida writes with almost boundless optimism about the advantages of clustering, he also touches on the darker side of his theory of globalization, which may be the most important thing to draw from
    The Associated Press
  • “Florida goes a step further than [Jane] Jacobs, elevating the realm of culture to an issue of central importance….Employing classic Field of Dreams logic, Florida believes that if you invest in culture, the creatives will come.”
    The Tyee
  • “There is a book out that I highly recommend reading. It’s called Who’s Your City?…”
    Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio
  • 7 Must-Read Books About Cities
    Brain Pickings Weekly, August 2011
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